Midnight – Shox Of Violence

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Hells Headbangers Records
Distributor/label URL: http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/
Band Website: http://totalmidnight.webs.com/

Band Line Up:108390-midnight-shox-of-violence

SS – Drums
Athenar – Guitar, Bass, Vocals


01. Death Scream
2. Who Gives A Fuck?
3. Ready For Destruction
4. Groin Gripper
5. Sadistic Sodomistic Seducer
6. In League With Satan
7. Too Loud For The Crowd
8. The Witch
9. Breakout
10. Hells Fire
11. TAP
12. When I Die
13. Unholy And Rotten (live)
14. …On The Wings Of Satan (live)
15. Slick Black Cadillac
16. Nuclear Bomb
17. Black Kar
18. Rat Face
19. Shitty World
20. Death Sentence
21. Wicked Women
22. Eyes Of Satan
23. Watch Your Step
24. Vomit Queen
25. Cross Held High


Midnight don’t do subtle, they don’t do production much either, what they do do thought, is good old fashioned hard core garage punk. In fact, the band usually come under the extreme- or black metal umbrella. Labels are a funny thing and often best ignored, as this has come in tagged as punk metal. Historically extreme punk bands such as Discharge helped to found the thrash metal movement so for many this music is just real punk rock gone back to its roots. It’s the musical equivalent of drinking scotch without the rocks. And trust me this really does rock.

It’s a bit of a mish mash with a previous EP being added alongside a couple of extra tracks and a bucket load of covers. It’s an interesting bundle too, with songs from Venom and Quiet Riot sitting alongside more predicable songs from The Spits and Scarab. King (or possibly Queen) of the covers though is a riotous rendition of Girlschool’s “Watch Your Step”. Punked up, this track absolutely kills it.

The original music still has bite, but you do wonder about the production. Some people of a certain age will remember sitting a radio next to a tape recorder and making a sound tunnel between the two out of text books (this was a schoolkid thing) to tape programmes to listen to. In my case John Peel and Anne Nightingale. The sound production and quality here are much the same. Weirdly, it only adds to the charm of the record.

A few years ago this would have been a bit of a revelation, but there are other bands out there now peddling a very similar style. The question is “should we care?” Do we care? Midnight won’t give a toss, they’re quite happy playing it loud and playing it proud. Snot rock it seems won’t lie down and be buried under a carpet of commercialism, and Shox Of Violence is proof of that. So it’s a big round of applause to the guys from Ohio for helping to keep it real.

Review by Gary Trueman


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