Last Leaf Down – Bright Wide Colder

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Lifeforce Records
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Released: 2017
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LFR169Band line-up:

Danny “Bruno” Dorn – Bass
Sascha Jeger – Guitar
Benjamin Schenk – Vocals, Guitar
Pablo Echague – Guitar)
Tobias Herzog – Drums


1. Purple Skies
2. Ghost Trails
3. Blind Mind
4. Deaf Heart
5. The Path
6. Cold Wind
7. Existence
8. Suspire
9. Not The Same
10. Dust
11. Anything
12. Youth
13. Transcend


When I read the term “shoegaze from the woods” my nose wrinkled automatically – not only is shoegazing far from my favorite cup of tea, I tend to find it suspicious whenever a band adds a word or two to the genre they’re supposed to play. I understand the need for individualization and how indeed genres don’t accurately define many artists, but turning labels into sentences is just wrong. On the other hand, once in a while you come across bands that really deserve a revamped genre and this time my nose was wrong. Not that I believe the Swiss forests they come from are responsible for their sound, it’s probably just a leaf-pun, but Last Leaf Down is not your ordinary shoegaze act and so “shoegaze from the woods” is a description as good as any.

Among others, they list Anathema, Katatonia and Sentenced as their influences; my money’s on that as an explanation behind the rich and intense sound of Last Leaf Down, marking the aforementioned difference. It’s still shoegaze, the typical guitar distortion upon which the songwriting is built is unquestionable, but the emotion on Benjamin Schenk’s voice and the melodies themselves will certainly get a stronger reaction off you than just gazing at your shoes.

My favorite song is “Ghost Trails”, and since they chose it for an official video, it’s also their opinion that this is the track to which most people will surrender to. But from the sadness of “Blind Mind” or “Not The Same” to the more daring beat of “Dust” or the sharper main riff of “Transcend”, the whole of this “Bright Wide Colder” has genuinely impressed me and made me look at shoegaze with different eyes. And ears.

Review by Renata Lino
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