Club Oblivion

If you don’t frequent rock clubs you’d be forgiven for thinking that the majority of them are poorly lit basements with those black light bulbs that show up the dust on your clothes, the remnants of last Halloween’s faux cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and a bar serving what appears to be either paint stripper or moonshine…You can’t quite tell. Right? Well actually you’re wrong. You might be a newbie to the Guildford scene, or maybe you’re a hardened rock club goer, who’s been stuck by the soles of your shoes to more drink-covered club floors than you’d care to remember…whichever category you fall into, you’d be doing yourself a serious disservice if you missed out on the newest addition to the plethora of Surrey rock clubs…OBLIVION.

Held on the third Tuesday of every month at The Legion, ‘Oblivion’ is a classier, sexier version of everything you love about rock clubs. Yeah you’ve got your drinks deals (you can get yourself filthy drunk for about a tenner) but if you prefer the finer things in life they’ve got a magnificent bar with more variety than Mike Patton’s CV. We wandered into a packed out Legion, with three resident DJ’s; the infamous DJ Rex (Turbulent Soundscape, Full Tilt London, Perversion LA, Batcave NYC) and DJ’s Rezident & Epicenter, all assaulting our ears with the very best rock, metal, punk, alternative and indie across two floors.

It was busy this time, but next month Oblivion is breaking the mould again to bring us Guildford’s first Zombie Ball! Ghouls and boys dress up and get £1 shots! Be there early to beat the queue, sink some drink, and leave at the end of the night very, very grateful dead. See what I did there?