Evolution of Southend

Westcliffe-on-Sea, Southend.

Evolution is a members only club in London Road, Southend. Its run by people who love everything about the alternative scene, for people who feel exactly the same. Its not every day you find a bar you can wander into and feel completely at home in- walking into Evo is like wandering into someones very cool bedroom. From the cabinets of collectibles near the bar, to the posters, the pole and the copious amounts of neon paint, everything has been cherry picked to make Evolution members feel at home.


Being members only means Evolution can control from who they let in, to what kind of nights they put on.
It means they can open later and provide you with more fun per square inch than any high-street club night.
Whats more, membership is completely free.
All you need to do is visit the website and register 48 hours in advance of your visit, then collect your membership card at the door. Its that simple. Once you’ve done that you can keep checking back to the website to keep yourself updated on regular events, special events and keep up with everyone on the forums.

To get an idea whats on, take a sneaky peek below.


Every Thu DARK DAYZ, Goth, punk, cyber, 80s. DJ Tribal + guests. 2 entry. 7pm til late.

Every Fri SEVERENCE, Pure Metal! Dj Pure Hatred, Dj Squit The Beardy, Dj Richter.

First Saturday Every Month LOW DOWN AND DIRTY, Retro and Revival Night. DJ Madame Vendetta and Exquisite Corpse, plus guests. 3/4 entry. 8pm-2am

Second Saturday Every Month VENDETTA, DJ Abdicate + Madame Vendetta. Industrial, EBM, trance, dance, goth and more. 3 entry.


Third Saturday Every Month REDEMPTION. DJ Richter, DJ Raze + cabaret and guests. 8pm-2am. Cheap drinks!

Fourth Saturday Every Month PURGATORY. Metal, Rock and Alternative. 3 Entry.