Kyoshi, by Jacques TwoTone

I’ve been a fan of these guys for a fair few months now. A good little mash-up of ska and indie, with some fantastic hip-hop-esque delivery on the vocals. Being female-fronted, I’ve inevitably heard the comparisons to Lily Allen. To the people who make these comparisons, I merely have one thing to say – Do you actually listen to music? Whilst being a fan of Miss Allen, comparisons to her are completely unjustified. This band definately bring their own twist on the genre to the table, for which I am grateful. There are comparisons to be made to artists, of course, but why do such a thing when you can just listen and form your own opinion?

The vocals are fantastic, switching between the more melodic vocals lines and the dirtier MC delivery with ease and never sounding forced. The guitar work is ace too, showing great little lead melody lines that, whilst hardly going to have Steve Vai quaking in his boots, are solid and work perfectly within the songs themselves. The bass finds a sweet little groove and works within it, while the drums drive the songs along nicely.

All in all though, I can write about this band all I like, but all the writing in the world is not going to do them justice, so just give them a listen and catch them live if you can – It’s a show well worth seeing, with energy and charisma – something lacking from a lot a bands these days who just get up, play and fuck off home. – Check out the tunes here and keep ’em peeled for updated gig listings!