Puscifer – V is for by Kimiko

Release date: 2007

I admit, when I first picked up this CD I was a bit biased. I pretty much love everything that Maynard James Keenen touches. He is just one of those guys that I have always respected. He makes music that he likes and is passionate about, and doesnt really care if it sells a million records or just one. He does what he does and makes no apologies.

So you pretty much know the entire vibe of the album from the title alone. V is for Vagina is the debut album from Puscifer and it is completely different from anything that Maynard has done before.

Maynard has described Puscifer as a pseudonym for his solo work, and wanted to create something that he could connect to people not through the lyrics, but just through the music and the groove. I believe he has certainly done that. The difficult task is to pigeonhole Puscifer into a genre.

It’s a mix of trip-hop, blues, some country twang, a bit of the sultry seduction of Leonard Cohen and an underlying tribal rhythm that comes together in a brilliant display of audio sexuality. Its like Maynard realized that he was a sexual being and manifested it all through Puscifer.

The album starts off with Queen B, which utilizes Maynards deep rumbling baritone to create the bassline, and uses many vocal effects to enhance the raw sexuality of the song. I also like it because it is an anthem for all of us well endowed girls that we can be beautiful too.

My personal favourite on the album is Momma Sed. Its a simple song musically, but powerful. The lyrics are some of the most meaningful of the entire album and they have a sadness to them that is full of regret and disappointment. Not regret and disappointment in the son receiving the message, but the fact that the message has to be said at all. It is reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrds Simple Man and has the same kind of simplistic beauty to it.

Overall the entire album is very strong. The only weak point is Sour Grapes which is also the longest song on the album. It makes a point about religion and Jesus, which is one of Maynards favorite topics of discussion in his music, but in my opinion it goes on for too long. However, one weak song makes for a pretty great album and the quality of the rest of V for Vagina more than makes up for it.