Cruxshadows Interview, by Ian Fford

Crüxshadows Tour and Mainstream Radio, by Ian Fford

I’d like to think I have a rather balanced view of the music industry as I work in both Alternative and Mainstream clubs and listen to lots of everything. Well truthfully, my heart lives in the Underground and my sets always reflect that.. so what’s the deal… there’s amazing music coming out of our little corner of Clubdom, but in most places, especially here in The USA, we’re denied what should be our slice of the airwaves. Well praise the Gods for internet radio…!


Let me give you an example: The Crüxshadows. Indulge me as I give you some stats. This is also a plug because they’re great people and good friends of mine.

“Quicksilver” became the Crüxshadows 4th consecutive top 10 Billboard single arriving in the #7 position on the Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart, and the #32 position for all singles. Their other billboard hits are “Immortal”, “Sophia”, and “Birthday” (which placed #1, ahead of Beyonce). I have yet to hear them on any radio station… “Quicksilver” even won a Florida radio station’s hot-new-singles contest and set a station record for “thumbs up” but they still get no airplay… even on this station. WTF…?

They’re just one example of some really popular bands who are deemed unworthy by the corporate structure. VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Ministry, Wolfsheim, Iris – too many to name – have long histories and are consistently popular, but they don’t get air play. If you ever hear The Cure played, its probably “Lovesong” or “Just Like Heaven”, despite their enormous body of great work.


We’re going to gain some insight into this when I interview Rogue for the next issue.

Please support the scene while we get to the bottom of this! Its concert season (when is it NOT!) and The Crüxshadows are once again on the move. They’re European tour starts this month, and you can find their concert dates at

Until next month!