The Modern Vampire, Book Review, by Ian Fford

The Modern Vampire, A Guide for Survival -by Sebastian Condado de Haza, Reviewed by Ian Fford

Just like the fabled undead they are, Vampires keep popping up everywhere… at least in our media-drenched lives. There are more shows on TV, books on the shelves, clubs nights everywhere, t-shirts being worn and more “Counts” running around than I can ever remember. Each and every story a bit different, a bit more fantastic than the one before… even if Buffy and Blade seemed excessive in their times its nothing like what we have now. By the way, I’m a huge fan of both.

So with all the superpowers, avoidance of sunlight, strange accents and nightly snacking on the neighbors, how could such creatures exist without being noticed in the modern age of surveillance, ubiquitous cameras, daily satellite photos and forensics? What would be the truth, what would exotic fantasy, and how would a real vampire cope today?

Fortunately there now exists a resource to address these issues and more. Through some strange series of events I received a copy of: “The Modern Vampire, A Guide for Survival”. Not so much a story as a manual, you are lead through a richly illustrated history of one such being and given his insights, experiences, and documented research.

I don’t know how you’ll be affected, but after reading this I find myself a bit less skeptical and think that maybe, just maybe, a huge vampire underground does exist.