Ricky Grover, by Jacques TwoTone

Right, first things first ladies and gents. I went to see Gary Delaney and can confirm that he has indeed dropped his deadpan routine and seems to be having a hell of a lot more fun these days. So, I highly recommend that you all go and watch him.

OK, so now, on with the show.

On this very same night, I went out only knowing one of the comedians performing and a vague recollection of the name of one of the others. Gary was fantastic, the middle performer was anything but and the MC was more than competent enough to ensure that the crowd were entertained while going to the bar.

That name I vaguely recalled? Ricky Grover

Not everyone will know it, what with him being far from a household name. He did appear in an, essentially, awful TV series with Johnny Vaughn nine years ago and appears in various other things on the odd occassion. Regardless, he’s a bit of a dodgy east london character who just happens to be rather funny at the same time.

Obviously, intoxication may have got the better of me at the time, but I still found the man to be highly enjoyable. Starting off with a threat to the heckler at the front (who was slightly more intoxicated and infinitely more prickish than I) set the tone for the evenings entertainment. Quite clearly an aggressive individual with a bone to pick with probably everybody reading this article, he still manages to charm the audience. Maybe not so much charm as intimidate, but regardless the crowd went with it. Interacting with the crowd and one of the funniest off the cuff references to the audience made the night highly enjoyable. Bringing up subjects such as being a larger individual and trying to get himself motivated, he does bring up subjects we can all relate to and get a few laughs from them all at our own and others expense.

There are faults, as always. He could be a little blunt and not too sophisticated, but this doesn’t hurt his particular brand of comedy. But his particular brand of comedy may hurt you should you not find it funny. But most people will enjoy this, or at least get a few laughs from it. Not highbrow, not clever but well worth a giggle if you get the chance. Especially the way he winds up at the end of the set, turning from a shady character to a larger than life characature of what people are expecting of him

Oh, also, don’t mention the fact he used to be a hairdresser. He hates that.