Sex Crimes Cabaret, by Ian Fford

Sex. It brings us together. It tears us apart. Its at the core of who we are. Most of it has been illegal at some time or another. Are you a criminal? How would you know if you were? You can find out!

My good friend L. Gabrielle Penabaz, a.k.a., Saint Eve (among other things) invited me to be a tech on her performance, Sex Crimes Cabaret. I’m super busy these days but something told me I should accept… something deep inside me (*ahem*)… and since I could never say “no” to Gabrielle, or a large coffee, I jumped onboard and had quite a ride. (*cough cough*)


Without giving away too much, Sex Crimes Cabaret is a jolly romp through various legalities, religious doctrines and moral stances on human sexuality. The show is often “naughty” but not “dirty”, and its nothing short of genius. Its not quite a cabaret, but its not quite a History Channel special. Its comedy. Its tragedy. Its surprising. Its enlightening. It makes you think.


Sex Crimes Cabaret played in New Orleans in Spring 2009, and NYC, during the first two weeks of December 2009, and will return in 2010 to NYC, New Orleans and more. Most nights in both cities were sold out, and working backstage gave me a new appreciation for true theater.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some laws to break.


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Love from NYC!
Ian Fford