‘Hysteria’ – Def Leppard, cover art review, by Sarah Clow

I’m afraid your stuck with more A to Z entries for the time being, just till my college course finishes and I have more time on my hands to research alternative covers, etc. just bare with me…
I wanted to use this one next because it is one of my all time favourite albums and album covers.
The ‘Hysteria artwork was created by Andie Airfix, owner of Satori Graphic design company.
I emailed Andie when researching the album for the A to Z and was grateful for the information he was able to send me to help me boost the entry, he also gave me his permission to continue using the info for the ezine, such a nice chappy!

Much of Airfix’s work is not completely computer based, that’s even in today’s computer graphic world of madness. The ‘Hysteria’ artwork dates back to a time when CGI was a new toy! The design itself is hand drawn, but it is the background that happens to be one of the first computer generated images…

The album was initially going to be called ‘Animal Instinct’, and the figures you see were originally an eagle, a lion and a shark which all blended into each other. The design was re-worked when the title was later changed to ‘Hysteria’.
You can actually still see some resemblance from the original design, for example, the top right figurre still more or less appears to look more like a shark than a hysterical human!
The triangle was the starting point of the design as it was one of the bands early logos, the three human forms appear to look around at you, almost giving the sense that you are being watched.

I fell in love with this cover for a number of reasons, the artwork is just simply outstanding, it jumps out at you. The colours make it stand out and really makes you want to listen to the album, as for the albums content, I think it lives up to the artworks reputation. J

Andie Airfix also designed the covers for the Pyromania and Adrenalize albums, and also many other albums for the band.