Five Second Rule, by Rudie Lou

When I first heard Five Second Rule, they to me, had a 90s feel to them. Grungy vocals, Catchy riffs and seemed pretty easy listening.
With sounds like Nirvana but with a modern approach at guitar solos, these boys make song writing look easy.
Their song “Sunday Roast”, for me, allows 5SR to prove their talents. With lyrics like “Raise your glass, Give a toast, She’s the queen of the Sunday roast”, you will more than likely be singing along to this song after the first chorus. They also do a pretty tight cover of “Word up” by Cameo. At which point the crowd are ready to enjoy what these lads have to offer.
I think these guys have the potential to make something of themselves. They have all the necessary requirements; I felt something was missing, until I saw a video from a show. Five Second Rule seemed to have a few chicks up their sleeves (I couldn’t resist the pun) Fire breathing, lap dances and jaw dropping outfits from these ladies really gave 5SR that special something, that missing piece I was looking for.
They all look the part as well, stage performances nailed, and a fair few followers on their Myspace (
I kind of feel that the music scene has changed so drastically in the past ten years or so and their sound may come across a bit dated, but none the less- Quality.
They are as tight on stage as they are in recordings. Rock and Roll just might be back, you know. This band are sure to please the adult rockers who can’t seem to grasp the music of today, which is fair enough, And will more than likely, entertain anyone who gets the chance to hear them.
So to sum it up, if you like proper music, with catchy vocals, and a band that clearly enjoys every performance, Five second Rule get a definite thumbs up from me.