Acey Slade and the Dark Party @ Joiners Arms, Southampton

22,d September 2010, Review by Marc JaytinAcey Slade, you know him? The guy from Murderdolls, Dope and Trashlight Vision. Well the Dark Party is the latest offering he brings to the masses. Is it going to be enough to allow him to step away from being known as the guitarist from Murderdolls and so on..?


Time will tell, but first we have some local talent stepping foot onto the stage, The Midnight Sun, who display enough energy and skill but as everyone is stood a good ten feet or so away from the stage it’s difficult to really get the venue buzzing. The utterly awful guitar sound doesn’t help either, but on one big positive, their drummer is amazing.


Next up, Young Lust bring a more polished sound to the stage and could be quite at home playing support to bands like Heavens Basement or Dear Superstar. That’s not to say they can’t hold their own here tonight but the couple of boos from the crowd after the band perform a rock ballad is never encouraging.


Following this the Lost Souls Club take proceedings to a whole new level and singer/guitarist Jon Tufnell is every bit the kind of guy you want at the front of the stage. Commanding and not short of a few female admirers, a true gathering of deviants, delinquents and deadbeats, TLSC bring the crowd ever closer to the stage and are the perfect starter to compliment the main course.


Enter stage left Acey Slade and his Dark Party. The crowd is now squashed up to the front of the stage and there is a definite buzz in the air, and who can blame them. From start to finish this was a fantastic set by a man that is now ready to step out of the shadows of those bands he was once a part of and stand tall and stand proud as a solo artist.

Songs like Nothing’s Gonna Change and She Brings Down the Moon sound so much better live. As the energy displayed on stage reaches fever pitch certain members of the crowd can’t help themselves and proceed to, erm.. molest Acey and then continue to molest each other. I think that’s the best way to describe it. I’ll let your imagination fill in the details.


All in all it is safe to say that this is not the same man I watched last year in Southampton when the turnout was more than a little poor, this is the explosion that’s been brewing for a while and everyone in attendance tonight can agree that Acey Slade is a live experience not to be missed.

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