Fright Nite, Club Focus, by Dj Rex

To best describe this long running west of London nite, it’s best to break it down to it’s various venues over it’s time.
Kicking off in dec 1990 at the Phoenix in Staines Fright Nite found itself playing a combination of Gothic, Indie, Rock and general alternative and very much being part of the early 90s crossover scene. During this time we welcomed to the Dj list, Darren, who went on to take over the Rock and Metal room at the now sadly missed Full Tilt.

After about 2 and a half years things moved to a venue called the Blue Anchor, a now sadly missed venue in the same town, this is very much where the biker voice started to run the music style and things became a lot more Metal, mixing up the early days of Nu_Metal with the more classic sounds and throwing them into the mix with the Gothic and the Indie.

About another 2 and a half years later, Fright Nite was on the move again, this time off to the Victoria, one town over in Egham, This is the town where it was destined to stay for a long long time, the music during these years became more eclectic than it has ever been, until now that is.

Fright Nite kept it’s biker legacy and added an even more noticeable Gothic, electronic and Industrial element, After a further 3 years into it’s run, it was time to move again, this time we were off to a pub called the Red Lion, really this was too small and like the venue after this the numbers were low due mostly to space, although things did take on a much more family atmosphere, the Red Lion days saw the addition of yet another Dj, Paul, who became Darrens replacement at Full Tilt.

The follow up venue to the Red Lion was the Railway, just around the corner, during this time the nite picked up yet another Dj, Christopher, who’s career found him at the Electric Ballroom, Slimelight, the 2nd and 3rd incarnation of Synthetic Culture, the original Drop Zone and many other classic nites. Still the nite had a highly family atmosphere. The other Dj we collected during the Red Lion days was Stuart, who also moved on to the Electric Ballroom as well as a host of classic nites.

Things really kicked up a notch when the party moved back to what was the Victoria, then known as The Iguana, currently and sadly, now a burger king. Fright Nite by this point had a massive legacy and a huge musical heritage, with Gothic, Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, Electronic, Techno, Industrial and all sorts of varying underground styles having been thrown into the mix, throughout the years. During it’s time at the Iguana the nite collected yet more Djs, the current Fright Nite number 2 Dj, Epicenter, who went on to become a Dj at an impressive list of clubs, including the now infamous Oblivion.

The other that Fright Nite collected was a great Dj called Rezident. As well as Dj xDeaconx, another who moved on to an impressive list of cubs, including version 2 of Drop Zone. Alas, all good things must come to an end and what an ending it was, with the last nite of the Iguana witnessing people trying to take home their favourite memory of the venue, the Iguana had become a home for a number of the local alternative crowd and no one wanted to leave without a souvenir, the most impressive being one of the toilets.

So, it was back to our roots, back to the Phoenix, finding the venue becoming another home from home for many people, it was good to be back where we started, but we all knew the Iguana would be sadly missed. Roughly a year later, it was time to move again, this time to a small club venue called Niche, where we stayed for almost another year, before moving back the Phoenix again, making a brief stop at the local Hobgoblin and then hitting the town hall, where we are now. Our time at Niche collected us Dj Tremor and Pandora Vanity. Currently at the Town Hall the nite can boast a huge amount of it’s regulars being younger than the nite itself, a thing to be truly proud of, a definite sign that things have stayed fresh throughout it’s impressively long run, a run that see’s us fast approaching our 20th birthday.

main-4The playlist of the evening I find myself writing these memories was a mix of every style that has ever been, including Rock n Roll, Classic Rock, Drum_n_Bass, DubStep, Electronic, Rave and of course, Rock, Metal and Punk.

Fright Nite, a birthing ground for a number of legendary Djs and some cutting edge tunes. The first nite in the UK to play Sevendust, the first nite to mix Metal with Trance, a nite that test-drove so many songs before the supposedly more influential London club nites bought them to public attention.

We hope we can live to see our 21st birthday, maybe even our 30th, maybe it’s a nite that’s just too stubborn to just go away.