Behemoth – Evangelia Heretika, cover art review, by Sarah Clow

Behemoth are a Polish Blackened Death Metal band, I chose to do this new release due to the fascination of the illustration on it and also its preceding album, Evangelion.
The artworks appear to look like etchings, which I actually studied at college back in 2004 I believe, the cover for Evangelia Heretika cover seems to depict an archangel, with an evil look in his eyes, sacrificing a Ram, which has his feet tied together, lying helplessly on cliff edge. It almost seems biblical in some sense, like Behemoth are anti Christians who still believe the bible stories. This cover could become a controversial artwork to all the bible bashing religious nutters out there who think Behemoth are Satanists and worship the devil, but it would be no different to the hassle Slayer has with Christ Illusion, although Slayer had to censor their original artwork, I don’t think Behemoth would have to, the artwork may seem a little far out but it would not need censorship.
Before I polish off this piece I want to include the story to the Evangelion artwork, which I‘m afraid I took from Wikipedia, it is a depiction of The Great Harlot of Babylon, the figuress of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Hey look at that more bible stuff!! The picture of The Great Harlot of Babylon riding the seven headed beast. The Saints bow before her in worship whilst the tablets of the Ten Commandments lie broken at her feet. It represents our vision and interpretation of the New Testament where the Whore of Babylon is a symbol of rebellion and resistance against God. I like the way that they have depicted her with the serpents behind her, I think it is what adds to the interpretation of the rebellion. Behemoth seem to take things from the bible which show the rebellion and punishment of those who rebelled from that era. Both artworks were created by Behemoth’s longtime artistic collaborator, Tomasz ‘Graal’ Danilowicz, who also did the Demigod cover for the band.
I wish Behemoth every success with this new album, I’m sure the tracks are as grand as the artwork, and I wish Nergal all the best for a speedy recovery from Luekaemia.