Greg Davies, by Jacques TwoTone

So, you may remember last time how I mentioned a certain Mr. Davies in passing whilst reviewing Josh Howie. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I also went to see Greg’s very own standalone show.
A bit of background on Greg, first. He’s not just ‘that tall twat’ off Mock the Week and The Inbetweeners. He’s also more than just one third of We Are Klang. Greg Davis has been a stand-up comedian for quite some time and deserves recognition as such, because when you see him tread the boards, in all his 6″8 glory, you’ll start to wonder why he hasn’t been touted as a bigger name.

One thing I will warn you about is that he has very few actual jokes in his act. It’s very anecdotal and based entirely on what we are assured are true stories. Which, granted, could grow tiresome were it not for the fact he’s so bloody hysterical while he does it.

The current show is basically a biographical one, entitled ‘Firing Cheeseballs at a dog’ – All will make sense when you watch, of course. I was tempted to the show merely by the name intriguing me.

He goes through his life, picking out the funniest parts and revealing to us all the inner workings of a genius comic mind. As I mentioned last month, a great portion of his set deals with his days as a teacher and whilst I’d heard these parts before, the delivery still remained fresh and still had me in fits of laughter.

Another simply superb part of his set is where he discusses his father, who now acts deliberately mental. It has to be said, that were the lines not delivered so convincingly, I wouldn’t believe that a person could be that insane.

My one main criticism would be that if you’ve seen a lot of the panel shows he does, you’ll have seen a fair portion of his set. However, the rest of his work more than makes the entry price worthwhile. I’m off to see him again in a few weeks and I highly recommend you do so too. You’ve got until the end of the month before his tour finishes.

Some of our fav more joke based Greg Davies quotes

“‘What shall we do sir?’ ‘Make up a play’ ‘About what?’ ‘Homelessness’ ‘We’ve already done homelessness sir!’ ‘Do it again, it’s a big issue'”

“There was a boy at my school nicknamed Polly. It was because of a burn on his arm. Evidently, Polly put the kettle on…”

“Have you thought about what you want the baby to call you when she’s old enough? ‘Yes. Tyrone.'”