Like Toy Soldiers, by Mike Calder

Phineas Waldolf Steel, a name that may one day strike fear into the hearts of many. For now he’s just plain Dr. Steel, mad scientist, musician, toy maker. For years now Steel has been building his army of Toy Soldiers, waiting for the day to realise his dream of total world domination! Until then he is spreading his word, and has been since 1999, after a certain incident at a now burnt down toy factory…
Dr. Steel started his malevolent plans in 1999, busking on the streets in California. After a while he then started to play venues such as the Key Club. In 2001 and 2002, Steel started his recording career, releasing 2 albums electronically through iTunes and other such stores. This is where the true identity of Dr. Steel began. Whilst unarguably following a Steampunk ideology, his music became a fusion of many different styles. From his image alone we can see the Steampunk influences, the PVC doctors coat with large black almost comical buttons, black PVC gloves and boots, shaven head, a sinister goatee and some rather antique welder’s goggles.