Abgott, Music Video Viewing, by Jo Blackened

Abgott – Lustmord – Music Video Viewing @ Passage Of Terror, Piccadilly Circus Trocadero, London, November 1st 2010, by Jo BlackenedAbgottI felt really privileged to have received an invite to this event, which was guestlist only opened to those in the British music and Horror Industry.

After long efforts and endless work among the Abgott members aswell as Zombies, Tombs, blood and sacrilegious rituals, it was finally finished and ready to be screened in the private cinema of the ‘Passage Of Terror’ venue.

We were also told this would include a full visit of the attraction followed by drink refreshment at the venues bar, I immediately thought Vodka!

On arrival at 8pm there was already a busy crowd outside Trocodero including the Abgott band members, the cast and crew from the music video and guests from Gorezone Magazine, Terrorizer, Metal-Rules.com, Soundshock, the band endorsers Jackson Guitars & many more!

We were soon taken inside of the attraction which looked amazing & taken to a small cinema room where we all sat in anticipation.

The Music Video was Directed by the very talented Nathan Theys

(Paradise Lost / Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us, In this moment / Call Me)
General Manager Aron Byrne-Carter Pasaje del Terror – Terror Factory Ltd

Production by Noel Wesley and Alex Cazzetta
With Make Up and Special Effects by Amelia Galiana

I have to say the Music Video Lustmord was done extremely well and edited in an old fashioned cinematic way which gave the video a dark an eerie effect which included the staff from the ‘Passage Of Terror’ attraction itself, aswell as including new actors such as ‘James Ford’ who made a very convincing Zombie Christ being hung on a crucifix being exorcised by one of the Abgott members!

This is definitely a new music video to watch.

After the viewing we were taken into the attraction which was truly awesome.

With dark scary corridors, things jumping out at you and even a bed that raises off the floor with a screaming possessed women screaming at you, this was perfect for the Halloween Season, I was soon looking forward to my free drink at the bar!

A very successful event for the Abgott members.

The Music Video will be available on DVD in the New Year but you can view it now by visiting: