Atreyu / Bring Me The Horizon / Bullet For My Valentine, by Danny Draper

Review by Danny Draper, Photography by Altercarnated Photography

After a long tube journey I finally landed at Wembley Park, and after meeting up with my photographer, we headed straight to the Arena. Once inside, I realised how long it had been since I was in Wembley Arena for a gig, way back in 2004 for the Offspring’s Splinter Tour.
Sadly, that gig and the one’s I’d been to before have been plagued by bad sound. So I was apprehensive not of the bands commitment tonight, but more of the sound being dreadful. Suffice to say, it was rather good sound wise.


First up were Atreyu, a band I’d had only a little interest in before. They were pretty good and they had a very energetic live show, amusingly enough, it’s not hard to find energy in a crowd were the average age was fifteen! Suffice to say, I felt a bit different from everyone else. Saying that though, they did themselves proud, more exciting than I’d expected and some well written pieces of music that they pulled out their arsenal.


Bring me the Horizon is a band that I have absolutely and categorically hate. This hate is built up from the fact that everyone hates them. I decided to be impartial, as it’s not fair to hate a band when you haven’t heard a single song by them. Maybe it’s more of the image (The Fringe Mob was out in force tonight, all wearing different coloured chess board hoodies). Sadly, Oliver Sykes and his band of merry men failed to entice me with their sonic assault. Maybe my taste in music is getting old and I don’t understand it but I would have like to have remembered one memorable hook or song but sadly I couldn’t. One day this may change, who knows. It got to a point during this barrage of sound that it had felt like a long time had passed. I wasn’t the only one, the crowd were barely moving and during the first minute of the second of the “last two songs”, the house lights came up and then promptly the soundman pulled the plug. A rather hilarious end for a band that had played like they had a chip on their shoulder all night.

Bullet for my Valentine is a band I had previously enjoyed, their first album and EP were excellent and I couldn’t wait to hear more. The years came and went, a strong but indifferent second album came and I honestly lost interest. I’d started to resent the band they had become, but then I read a rather interesting interview in another publication. The interview looked at the prospect of what bands will take over the mantle of headlining bands when the Metallica’s, Iron Maiden’s and AC/DC’s finally throw in the towel (Hopefully not just yet!) and I realised that we have great bands, but there are only but a handful that I feel would be capable of taking over from the previous three I mentioned. Out of all genres and countries, I think Bullet could be one of those contenders.


They begin with the opening track from their new album Fever, which has really grown on me as well produced and well written album, albeit, what you would call Emo and soft/not metal enough. They play through the song flawlessly, showing really good prowess and stage presence, and some amazing pyro that knocked it up another notch. Playing a fifteen song set including encore, they had it all. Lights, pyrotechnics, video screens and more importantly, songs that didn’t feel out of place in an arena of this size.

Ripping through classics like Room 409, Cries in Vain and Four Words, as well as mixing it up from the Scream, Aim, Fire and Fever. It all seems to weave together so well and the crowd loved it. Their crowd interaction has improved, these guys aren’t four Welsh boys, they’re men and they want to take on the world still. With a rousing encore of Hand of Blood, Tears Don’t Fall and Begging for Mercy, the night is capped with the final pyrotechnics and the goodbyes; it was a thoroughly enjoyable show. The point I was making earlier is that I do think these guys can take on that mantle in a few years and a few albums time. They’re nearer to the finished article of headlining band than most.

Atreyu 4/5

Bring me the Horizon 2/5

Bullet for my Valentine 5/5