Cradle of Filth, ‘Darkly. Darkly, Venus Aversa’ cover art reviewed by Sarah Clow

Darkly Darkly, Venus Aversa is a another concept album which was done in the same vein as predecessor Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder, the feminine companion to Godspeed, a very masculine album. This album centres around the demon Lilith, depicted on the cover artwork dressed in red sat on a gothic throne with a glass of what looks like it could possibly be either red wine or blood (most likely the latter being that she is a demonic being).
I decided to check out some earlier artwork as comparison, this artwork is darker than Dusk And Her Embrace, but not quite so in league with Cruelty And The Beast, which feature a femme in a bathtub of blood, though the difference between these two being the concept, the colours used are very similar, though Cruelty is more sepia and Darkly, Darkly is more grey/black in colour which makes the red of Lilith’s dress and beverage stand out. I also like her head piece, which I believe to be roses, also note black roses climbing up her dress and the snake slithering under her arm, this all adds to her demonic character. At closer inspection, I notice that she is not sat on the throne at all, but rather standing on its steps, the arm rests of the throne appear to be roaring lions, and Liliths facial expression tells me she is on the look out for something or just plain vacant!
Although I find the butterflies to be a little out of place they are still pretty and add to the effect of light and dark.
I would buy this album for the artwork alone, regardless of what the music sounds like, I find the image sort of compelling.