Everything Burns, by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

With bands all over the globe hungering for a record detail, many would give their guitar strings to release a debut album produced by Mark Daghorn (Orange Goblin, Trigger The Bloodshed) and mixed by Karl Groom (Trigger The Bloodshed, DragonForce). Everything Burns’ debut album ‘Home’ has these guys on speed-dial.
Having signed to UK label Rising Records in mid 2008, the release of ‘Home’ followed in February 2010. However anyone familiar with fairy tales will know there’s usually a twist in the tale, and with new management behind them, Everything Burns parted company with Rising Records in August 2010.
The promotion train has continued regardless, and if Everything Burns prove anything it’s that you don’t necessarily need a record label to make an impact, with two videos financed out of the band’s own pocket both achieving great success in the Lava channel’s most requested video chart.
On first listening Everything Burns’ melodic metalcore puts in mind the type of band that offers a neat first step for those taking the plunge into metal. A sense of urgency lies behind lyrics so weighed down with emotion they’d struggle to get out of bed in the morning, and heavier guitar work, like some final confrontation movie scene. The ones where time slows down and bits of shrapnel are the order of the day.
As a band sitting slap bang in the middle of one of more vastly populated subgenres, Everything Burns’ decision to keep the majority of their vocals clean at least gives them a platform to keep their heads above the crowd. And with a new single, EP, and video planned for the near future, let’s hope you’ve got enough lung to accommodate all those choruses.