Godsized, by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

When I first heard the buzz about Godsized I automatically assumed that theirs was a brand of music that came with a major record name tagged on to it. Seems that assumption is a dangerous thing these days, but it’s testament to this four-piece that I thought otherwise.
Having sprung into life in late 2008, in their relatively short career Godsized have already cut their teeth at Download festival, and are currently fresh off a tour that saw them treading the boards in support of the un-inimitable Black Label Society (BLS). When you consider that major names such as Children of Bodom were BLS’ support of choice in the US, it increasingly feels like the industry missed the memo on Godsized.
And yet perhaps this has been instrumental to the band’s genuine success. Like the music industry in general, the metal genre has become swamped with ‘commercial’ bands churned out to milk the latest trend, till switching on an alternative music channel is like watching one of those TV commercials about an overpopulated third world shanty town.

Given that this is the landscape of the industry, Godsized stand out like a gunslinging posse crashing a weeping five year olds birthday party. And we love them for it. Each track is bristling with a muscular groove, whilst you get caught up on the hooks baiting songs like ‘The Phoney Tough and The Crazy Brave’ and ‘Head-Heavy’. Sure there are some who turn their noses up at anything that doesn’t have vocals where it sounds like the singer is having a root canal without anaesthetic, but Godsized’s vocals ring with an authenticity that compliments its hard rock stance.

Whilst they’re not rewriting what’s gone before, the thing about Godsized is they sound like a band you can get behind. And regardless of whether some industry pundit snaps them up, it seems more than likely that the Godsized support wagon will continue to gather pace.