Conquer the Decade, by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Judging a band based on one song is like judging a book by its cover – not a wise move. You make a snap decision, put your money and time on the line, and often wind up more disappointed than a polar bear at Iceland.
However, sometimes a song comes along that you just can’t let slip by unannounced. ‘There’s A Snake in My Boot’ by Conquer the Decade is one such track. Digging deep into the genre bank, ‘There’s A Snake in My Boot’ marries speed and finger-throbbing technical ability with gruff vocals to achieve a surprisingly upbeat feel. The infamous track-title-quote from a well-known children’s film, is an amusing twist, opening into the driving breakdown.

As Conquer the Decade themselves say: “we tend to experiment a lot with various different genres and never seem to care what we sound like as long as it’s good.” Nice to hear. In terms of the band then, which formed in 2008 in South Wales, it all seems fairly standard, until the penny drops that most of the members are only 17. It’s enough to make you check their birth certificates.

Whilst it could all just be a honeymoon phase, given the army of listeners Conquer the Decade had won over in this year’s Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition, it might just be worth getting your ears around the rest of their debut EP.