Leather Pig, by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Check the list of influences and you’d agree that Leather PiG have no choice but to be awesome. And yet with so many bands failing to live up to the standards that they set themselves, you’d be forgiven for not holding your breath.
From the Metallica-esque opening of ‘Horses Heads in Beds’, Leather PiG more than deliver the whole package, they personally gift wrap it at no extra charge. Whilst this Birmingham based five-piece tag themselves as metal-punk, the hallmarks of the former are certainly far more keenly honed, albeit done at a furious speaker-shattering pace.

Words tumble from vocalist Pete in a high-speed lip-curling snarl, and yet remain distinguishable in their own right, whilst the band behind lead the enthusiastic charge of punishing percussion and sterling solos. Sure they use the same opening tricks more than once, but each song sounds different in its own right.
‘Insexsessions’ sounds like it’s trying to kick start a circle pit in your CD player, but Leather PiG seem equally at home when the melodies drop in, as in the close of ‘Biggles Bites the Dust’. Indeed, Leather PiG’s first EP ‘No Apologies, No Remorse’ sets a dangerous precedent for the band’s follow-up, which is currently being mastered. One thing’s for sure, Leather PiG’s enthusiasm and distinct personality serves to shove the steel back into metal’s backbone.