Rabbits – Lower Forms’by Muttley

Track Listings:
01 Burn, Sun, Burn
02 A Tale Of Tales
03 We Beat
04 Noise To Share
05 Duck, The Pigs
06 Invisibugs
07 The Flow Below
08 Weight Here
09 No Depth
10 Rot
What is it with bands theses days? How does the name Rabbits give any kind of indication WHATSOEVER as to what a band may be about musically? Hey-Ho. Moan over, who or what are Rabbits? Well, essentially they are scuzzy, low end, Desert/Stoner F*** Off Punk Rawkers from Portland, Oregon, who musically owe their allegiance to Corrosion Of Conformity, Melvins, Kyss, Leadfoot, Fu Manchu, and even Poison idea!

This Power Trio would sit very comfortably on any recent ‘Roadburn’ festival lineup, their caustic (doubtless ‘Orange’ amped) venomous fury spewing out with baleful magnificence. It has to be admitted that there is nothing ‘new’ or undiscovered in what the trio are offering, but nonetheless they kick out the jams with formidable swaggering ease.

The guys at Relapse have a knack for finding really interesting bands to force feed into our collective consciousness, and in Rabbits, yet again they find a further worthy addition to their excellent roster. Their groove laden, almost Southern Punk Sludge outpourings will have you raising your fist in salute to them. Pretty they ain’t, but the 10 short shocks they offer here, show that a loud and healthy future should await them! Fuck Yeah!