Chthonic Chronicles – Bal-Sagoth by Angelique Smith

In this last instalment of the hexalogy, Bal-Sagoth does not disappoint – in fact it BLEW MY SOCKS OFF, as I’m sure as is the case for all their die-hard fans.

The journey began with their groundbreaking 1995 release, an epic black metal offering infused with symphonic sweetness aptly named “A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria.” As this review could never do justice to their previous five albums, I suggest visiting where Bal-Sagoth’s incredibly kvltingly brilliant journey began and how their musical career and specific genre progressed during the years.

It must be stated that they have progressed in leaps and bounds, not only in the music they bring forth but in the different artists who performed either live or in session.

Each person who played in this band had something special to contribute, as can be heard from each album. Vocalist Byron Roberts started this journey long ago in the late eighties, having a concept that he wanted to bring to the fore but desperately needing artists with whom to collaborate.

This concept was not just another concept – Byron is a gifted metal fan, an armed with his literary/language degree and an unwavering love for the poets of old and Masters of Fantasy and Science-Fiction he created a world within his own mind, one without which would not have been possible to realise were it not for the addition of his talented and professional peers.

I’m very similar to Byron, having a love for languages and the literary arts, being an artist (I’m a drummer) and of course being a devout metalhead \m/

I hereby quote from the man himself:

“The essence of BAL-SAGOTH originally began in the late 1980’s as one of vocalist/lyricist Byron’s idealistic flights of fancy… a high concept project intended to take the form of a sublimely symphonic black/death metal band swathed in a lyrical concept of dark fantasy & science-fiction, inspired by the celebrated style of the grand pulp horror and fantasy literature of the 1930’s, whilst simultaneously being infused with the baroque and arcane mysteries of ages long past and Byron’s enduring fascination with ancient mythology and occultism.”

Needless to say, if you still didn’t know about Bal-Sagoth, I’m sure your brain is now zoomed in on them. Do yourself a favour and buy all their albums, it is worth every penny and MORE!!!!!!!!