Fet-X UK Magazine launch by Jo Blackened

Fet-X UK Magazine launch at Resistance Gallery, London
Thursday 30th June 2011
Revew & Photography by Jo Blackened

Tonight was the Special Fetish & Art Magazine, Fet-X UK Magazine launch and hearing there would be a fashion show, live performances, Art exhibition, Boutique and Model/Designer/Photographer/Artist networking, this was something I couldn’t resist.

The event was free for everyone tonight, which makes a nice change for events in London!
The Resistance Gallery isn’t easy to find and is tucked away in a small road with an entrance which looks more like a row of garages than a gallery, but seeing the crowd outside and the fetish poster I knew we were in the right place. The venue is very small but has a great cosy atmosphere with great energy and interesting decoration, they state clearly this is for exhibitions and is NOT a night club!
They have a small limited bar with smoking area outside, which got pretty full so many people went out towards the front to get some fresh air as it did get so hot in there, everyone wearing pvc was in a sweat!

The atmosphere was amazing tonight with some interesting characters turning up, with everyone making an effort with their outfits & costumes!
Once inside you were greeted with two gorgeous girls wearing pvc dresses and a free tray of sweets around their necks which were filled up towards the night.
Surrounding the room were interesting props, gorgeous fetish artwork, with stalls upstairs selling the exotic artwork, photography aswell as clothes stalls selling leather, pvc fetish clothes, & things to perk up your sex life!

After afew drinks and abit of mingling throughout the crowds it wasn’t long until tonight’s host David de Vynél took to the stage to welcome everyone who attended tonight & thanked tonight’s organiser who soon introduced the first stage act.
Missa Blue;

Came onto stage wearing a corset, bondage tape and not much else!

Her act was slow and seductive, dancing to love song tracks from the 50’s whilst covering her face and blindfolding herself with black lace, she then took a large white burning candle and poured the wax all over herself. With the hot wax running down her neck and breasts the slowly danced to the music before taking a second candle, spreading her legs wide & pouring the hot wax between her legs!

This may sound like quite a violent act, but it was actually very seductive and sensual with the crowd left shocked but wanting more, her applause was loud leaving a lot of happy people in the audience. It was then back to the DJ’s who kept the atmosphere going with a mixture of music tonight from electro to a fantastic mix of 50’s love songs, which everyone seemed to loved.

After a rather long break it was time for Marnie Scarlet to take to the stage! After interviewing her for our previous issue, I knew her outfit and performance was going to be something amazing and I wasn’t wrong.

Fresh from performing at Club Antichrist at the weekend she arrived on stage wearing a gorgeous gold pvc outfit, custom made gas-mask with full length feather gold bowler hat!

Hidden under a massive pvc cloak, she danced on stage waving the cloak, which looked more like wings before throwing it to one side to grab glitter from her chest and throwing it over the audience.
Her act then turned into a voodoo ritual; bringing on stage a small cute gold pvc creation, where she stabbed it with real needles & pierced the small model until fake blood actually began oozing from it.

She then moved away from the pvc doll, threw off her top to expose red feather needles which were actually in her own chest; an absolutely ingenious concept!
Her dragalicious style went down well with the audience, with everyone captivated throughout her performance
The show didn’t stop there either; piercing herself several times threw her own arms, where the blood drawn was most definitely not fake, she then lit the needles which turned into sparklers!

Lighting up the stage with the sparklers she then let off a massive glitter bomb which covered the floor and most of the audience leaving everyone to cheer and applaud her truly amazing act!

It was again back to the DJ’s.

Towards the end of the night the venue was cleared and the area soon turned into a dancefloor with tracks ‘lets Twist Again’ and a great selection from ‘Elvis’ himself and after a few vodkas from the bar even I couldn’t resist a little song along and dance!
After reading the information online I assumed there would be three acts tonight but I only saw two and never saw the fashion show. Im not sure if this was because I never arrived until 8.30pm when doors opened at 7.30pm? But none the less, it was still a great night & one I wished went on all night!

Photos by Altercarnated Photography