Pagans Mind & Neonfly at Camden, Underworld by Jo Blackened

20th May 2011, Review & Photography  Jo Blackened – Altercarnated Photography

Friday night in Camden is usually filled with Metallers happily drinking, lining up outside Underworld waiting for a gig and tonight was no exception…Tonight was Pagans Mind!

Im not sure if doors opened early and we missed the first support band but Neonfly was the only support band we saw tonight, but they were great and really managed to set the atmosphere ready for tonight’s headliners.

The London based band only formed in 2008 but are already becoming well established, playing many festivals including Bloodstock in 2010.

They were really awesome live; all members had great energy and came across really professionally onstage to a well packed out venue!
With a strong sound of power metal and rock immensing from the stage is was clear this band have definitely made some more fans tonight as everyone seemed impressed by their performance.
I will be looking out for their album, released by Rising Records later this year! (4/5)


Broken Wings / The Enemy / Ship With No Sails / The Messenger / A Gift To Remember / Spitting Blood / The Revenant / Morning Star / I Think I Saw A UFO

It wasn’t long until Pagans Mind hit the stage!

I have loved this Progressive/Power Metal band from Norway for along time now and this was my first time seeing them live! I am pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed.
This is such an amazing band live, with so much energy and funny witty comments throughout their set they really know how to interact with the crowd well and keep the energy going.

It was a shame their tour started before the official release of their new album but I was pleased they played some of their previous tracks especially one of my favourites ‘Through Osiris’ Eyes’.

I was also happy the tour wasn’t cancelled due to vocalist ‘Nils K. Rue’ breaking his hip only 6 weeks prior to the tour, but he was in great spirits tonight and joking well with the slightly over-excited crowd!

It was clear from the band members tonight was just as much fun for them as it was for us and the rest of the crowd, it was also nice seeing them play at the more intimate setting of the Underworld, as this is a band who definitely deserve a bigger stage!

They played such a great set and it was great to see the venue was packed out for this Power Metal event!

This was a great way to start the weekend! (5/5)


Eyes Of Fire / Enigmatic Mission / Walk Away In Silence / Aegean Shores / Ronny Tegner keyboard solo / God’s Equation / United Alliance / Instrumental / Hallo Spaceboy / Evolution Exceeded / Intermission / Approaching (Intro) / Through Osiris’ Eyes / Alien Kamikaze