Soilent Green, with Dripback and Klink @ The Underworld, Camden

5th May 2011, Review by Danny Draper

Photography by  Michelle Murphy
The first of tonight’s bands were… and they kicked off very well! It was awesome; I was pleasantly surprised expecting a drab band due to the lack of people in the Underworld at this time. They were reminiscent of early Lamb of God (Thank you Sam W!) and although there wasn’t a huge crowd, they rip it up with frenetic riff work and mental drumming.

Its total class, they sounded awesome. Everything seemed to be very audible. The drums pounded like and earthquake with the guitars and bass going from chaos to total heavy blues and verging on punk in places, these guys are bruisers! F*c£ing ace!
These guys just came out and took it one step further! God-damn-amazing! There was a massive pit circle during the early parts of the set; their music is insanely heavy, filled with an evil groove that bounces and destructs! I was particularly impressed with their bassist, along with the rest of the band; the energy output from Dripback is unrelenting. There are some breakdowns that would smash your teeth in. It’s in your face and it’s unrelenting, Dripback rule!

Soilent Green
For me, blues core. It sounds like twisted thrash with groove, I love it! The pits went a little bit crazy for these dudes, their singer Ben Falgoust was intense and everywhere, high five-ing the front row of fans and photographers! And for me, Brian Patton’s guitar work was right up there tonight with the best of them, the guitars were down trodden sludge and then bursting into thrashical chaos, it was mesmerizing.

The crowd absolutely loved every second of it! I was lucky enough to get to the side balcony and the only time people stood still was between the songs, every single song there was movement.

It’s honestly a flip of a coin tonight on who ruled the most, Soilent Green were intense and beat down the crowd who had a lot of energy, even though they had just been barraged by Dripback, who for me, were amazing and genuine contenders to Soilent Green, they gave Soilent a tough act to follow in my eyes.

Klink 4/5

Dripback 5/5

Soilent 5/5