Damn Dice, The Royal Cartel & Carnage @ The Camden Rock

30th July 2011, Review by Noel Wesley

Photography by Michelle Murphy

Hosted by Phoenix Music Promotions

This Manchester 4 piece set the tone for the night with high powered Rock.
With big confident vocals, tight rhythm section, thick chunky riffs and huge leads you have to remind yourself that this is the FIRST live gig for Carnage.

Not forgetting that a last minute line up change nearly derailed the début show for these gutsy Mancs.
In true Rock n Roll style the band forged ahead.

Into the breach steps Charlie, to save the day on drum duties!
With killer songs like Partner in Crime with it’s massive guitar solo by Pete, to But You with it’s solid bass and drums,locked together with strong vocals from Lindsay, the band cranked out Crash Diets, Riot in Everyone sending the crowd went nuts!

For a first live show it’s clear that Carnage have what it takes to write and perform outstanding music.

The Royal Cartel
Solid heavy riffage that takes you back to the 90’s with the likes of Guns n Roses and Soundgarden,
The Royal Cartel hit the crowd with powerful songs like Black Sheep which is damn heavy and the crushing Panic Attack.
Guitarist/Frontman, Markus’s Southern soaked voice flows with the heavy riffs and grooves from the twin guitars with Guitarist Michael providing fast melodic solos.
The leads while being perfect for the songs needed a little punch to carry them forward, this may have been down to the
sound mix, which is a shame considering the The BlackStar and Schecter beast of a rig used by Michael.
His stage presence was spot on tearing the riffs and leads a now one, which is exactly what you want from a lead guitarist.

Markus has the gift of the gab with crowd banter, the mark of a good front man.
Lzi’s rock solid bass and concussive drums from James made a hell of a live show.
The Royal Cartel are a band to watch out for in the not so distant future.

Damn Dice

I nearly dropped my drink when Damn Dice literally exploded from the stage in blur of denim and hair spray!!!
I really didn’t see it coming.
Stand out classic, Now We’re Takin’ Over was a blast.
With Marco’s Thunder Bird Bass that would have made Nikki Sixx wet, the band tore into Motley Crue classic Too Young to Fall in Love,
much to the crowds enjoyment.
Lots of fist pumping a beer drinking followed with Damn Dice further inciting the crowd with Skid Rows, Youth Gone Wild.
Singer, Bobby got the crowd going with him to All Night Long, a big nod to the awesome bands of the 80’s.

Then there was the mayhem of the Hen Party stage invasion and Guitarist Wallis being mauled by rabid
bridesmaids during the bands cover of You Give Love a Bad Name.

Paying tribute to local lass Amy Winehouse and fellow Camdenite Dave Lepard of Crash Diet who passed away in 2006, Damn Dice were joined on stage by Carnage Frontlady, Lindsey for joint vocals on Instant Miracle.

Closing the show with self titled finisher Damn Dice, it’s not hard to see why these guys are the main support for L.A. Guns on tour later this year.