Screaming Eyes – Greed, by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Rating 3.5/5

If pride comes before a fall, then surely greed comes before some serious comeuppance, particularly if you’ve been stealing all the cake. It begs the question then as to what Screaming Eyes have been hoarding all for themselves.

From the sounds of it, it’s a penchant for the sort of furious power that if concentrated could shake ruins and rearrange history. As a band hailing from Italy, that could upset a few people with an interest in those all-conquering Romans.

Essentially, its metalcore of a type – bearing certain hallmarks but not as straight forward to place as your Granny’s silver. Almost without breath between them, aggressive album opener ‘Sedated’ hands over the reins to ‘Where I’ll Close My Eyes’, and then ‘Pull The Trigger’ into a trio of pit-friendly crowd-thrashers. Book-ending Greed is ‘Dream Pt. 9’, which regardless of anything else is driven non-stop by frantic drumbeats before falling away into sinister electronics and whispers.

With a name like ‘… and Nothing Else Shall Remain’ you have to question whether this is Screaming Eyes’ answer to Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’. If it is then there’s still some way to go, however ‘… and Nothing Else Shall Remain’ is a gentle otherworldly instrumental number, which shows Screaming Eyes are not all grunted cliché. And after all that tranquillity, ‘Cash-O-Crazy’ storms your stupefied senses in the most undignified way possible. It’s like being clubbed awake from a dentist’s delirium to find the drill staring you in the face.

Although moralists are unlike to agree, Greed is starting to look a whole lot more appealing.