Nitroville – Can’t Stop What’s Comin’ by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Line up:

Vocals – Tola Lamont
Guitars – Kurt-Michael Boeck
Bass – Fussi Andersen
Drums – Dan Warren

Track Listing:

Cheating The Hangman
Let It Roll
Mississippi Wide Boy
Dust Devil
Cuts To The Bone
Twist In The Chain
Tell It Like It Is
Killing Kind
Bad Blood
Got What It Takes
Coming on Strong

Rating: 2.5/5

Their name may sound like a gathering ground for hot rod enthusiasts, with the bluesy-groove of an across America road trip movie sound track, however it seems Nitroville aren’t the all-American machine they appear to be.

In fact for them the smoky streets of London is about as deep south as it gets, but with a band made up of as many international flavours as Nitroville, clearly a few thousand miles makes little difference.

Driving home just how potent a marriage hard rock and blues is, Nitroville serves southern-tinged grooves straight up, with a twinkle in their eye. The undeniably powerful voice of frontwoman Tola Lamont provide the kind of rock-n-ready vocals you’ve been waiting for amid the girly-screamers and operatic warblers, backed by the kind of musical craftsmanship that doesn’t need a lot of dial twirling to make it sound good.

Musically there’s nothing mind-mangling here, and hey – bands like AC/DC have made a career out of simple yet iconic riffs – but equally they set themselves apart in other ways, something Nitroville is yet to do. That said the full-pelt groove of lead track ‘Cheating The Hangman’ and slide guitars of slow-burn ‘Cuts To The Bone’ are particular highlights.

The band have definitely squeezed their best tracks into the first half of the album, perhaps consciously thinking that if you’ve come this far with them that you’re less likely to turn away now. There is a hint of work-in-progress about Can’t Stop What’s Comin’, but given that it was released just 12 months after the band’s formation, they can be forgiven for still finding their niche.

It’s a solid starting point, and those who grew up on bands like Free and Lynyrd Skynyrd will certainly share the bands sentiments, but Nitroville may need a little more tweaking under the bonnet if they’re to match their peers.