Turisas, Finntroll, Alestorm @ Kentish Town HMV Forum, London

11th October 2011
Review & Photography by Sabrina Dersel

Tonight London is going back in time,or to another dimension where Folk Metal is king! I have to admit it is my first live exposure to the Folk Metal style and it was definitely a night I will never forget!I arrive at the venue to find Alestorm playing on stage,I am quite disappointed as I was really looking forward to catching their entire set.



Playing just before Turisas tonight at the HMV Forum are the mighty Finntroll, Folk Metal forefront band from Finland too.Their lyrics are almost exclusively sung in Swedish as this language better evokes the “Trollish” spirit.

Formed in 1997,they have an unlikely mix of Black Metal sound with a style of Finnish Polka music.


Their second album entitled “Jaktens Tid” released in 2001 has been a great success in Finland and is highly recommended for the lovers of this genre.


The band is composed of Routa and Skrymer on Guitars, Beast Dominator on Drums, Tundra on Bass, Virta on Keyboards, as well as Trollhorn on Keyboards and guitars.The whole is being fronted by Vreth on Vocals. It is a spine chilling shriek filled of death voice which feels every souls present tonight.
After asking for a massive moshpit, they get an insane one! There is a quick apparition from Alestorm guitarist for a solo.


Tonight s performance affirms their status as one of the most exciting and fearless metal band.







Set List:


Finnish Folk Metal band Turisas was founded in 1997 by Mathias “Warlord” Nygard and Jussi Wichstrom. The band is named after an ancient Finnish God of War.The sound is composed of elements of power metal and symphonic metal along with harsh vocals with ,instead of guitar solos, electric violin solos.


Their first album “Battle Metal” released in 2004 has given rise to the term battle metal being used as a description of Turisas music genre.
The fusion of HeavyMetal and Folk music isn t to everybody s tastes but what does Turisas creates is very appreciated by a number of metalheads.



Think Disco meeting “Conan The Barbarian” and you will get their very first track cover and video “Rasputin”,which I allow myself to rename Battle Metal Disco!

With the help of the other members,Jukka Pekka Miettinen on Bass, Tuomas “Tude” Lehtonen on Drums, Olli Vanska on electric violin and Robert Engstrand on Keyboard,this is a very solid line up,owning the stage and sharing the folklore with the excited crowd,composed of Viking hats and red and black face painting.


This evening set is opening with “March” ,and the rest follows on a galloping pace,anthemic keyborsd sound and the clean singing of “Warlord” in addition to the typical blackmetal growls.Tonight is the introduction too of their newest record named “Stand Up And Fight”.The room is mostly filled of smoke and red lights,adding to the atmosphere of the battle metal pirate audience.


It is one of the very first time I m not really witnessing an angry moshpit battle but instead rows of guys dancing like the French Cancan women.Quite a sight and very amusing!


This genre actually exploded from the early years of 2000,especially in Finland with other groups such as Fintroll,Ensiferum and MoonSorrow.




Judging by the fun the audience had tonight,this genre has a long life ahead of itself. And I am very much looking forward to seeing them live again.I will make sure I bring my outfit too!

Set List

One more
Great Escape
Stand Up And Fight
Sahti Waari
Battle Metal
End Of An Empire