Cornerstone – Somewhere In America, by Jo Blackened

Band line-up:
Patricia Hillinger – Vocals
Michael Wachelhofer – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Wachelhofer – Guitars, Vocals
Mike Pawlowitsch – Drums, Percussion

Album Tracklisting:

Rise And Shine
Breathing For You
Right Or Wrong
Like A Stranger
Follow You, Follow Me
Being Unaware
High And Low

‘Cornerstone’ are a female fronted Rock/Power Pop/Indie band from Austria.
Having little success from their first album release, the band now releases ‘Somewhere In America’ after their short tour in USA.

The album has a typical ‘I’ve been heartbroken’ feel to it with their sad lyrics in most of their tracks, but there are some great and catchy melodies in their music giving the album a strong eighties feel, but I felt vocalist Patricia seemed to struggle to hit the Rock aspects in her vocal style, which I soon tired of.

For me personally this band would be much better with a male vocalist, giving it a more gritty rock feel because the way the album is at mo it sounds like something my parents would listen to!

This is the tackier/pop side of Melodic Rock and it’s clear to say this album really wasn’t for me. I have nothing more to add.