Eyvind Kang – The Narrow Garden by Jo Blackened

Track Listings:
1 Forest Sama’l
2 Pure Nothing
3 Usnea
4 Mineralia
5 The Narrow Garden
6 Nobis Natalis
7 Invisus Natalis

Well I was looking for something different and with this album I certainly found it!

I fell inlove with this album instantly, even though with the first track wanting me add the lyrics ‘My Milkshake Brings all the boys to the yard….’ And without lyrics this album is more like a soundtrack…reminding me of Indiana Jones!

But jokes aside, The Narrow Garden is the full length album from composer Eyvind Kang which was be released on Ipecac on January 30th 2012, which was recorded in Barcelona with a group of 30 musicians all helmed by Kang.

With Eyvind arranging and performing with other musicians, he is known as the well-known string player who has worked with Mr. Bungle [Mike Patton], Sun City Girls and Lou Reed, and he has previously released many recordings of original music notably the acclaimed choral piece “Athlantis” (Ipecac) and “The Yelm Sessions” (Tzadik) and I have to agree that ‘The Narrow Garden’ is no exception, offering one of his most original and perhaps one of his most playful, impressive recordings to date.

True to form, the album is composed of full-bodied pieces of music that evolve from minimal song structure to more grandiose musical statements throughout, ‘Forest Saman’i’ is a great example of this. ‘Pure Nothing’, ‘Mineralia’ and ‘Nobis Natalis’ to the choral tones on Athlantis and show definite eastern influences, whilst ‘Usnea’ and ‘The Narrow Garden’ experiment with some truly eerie samples.

This is an amazing album, with a great atmosphere with elements rich in Eastern culture album and if you fancy something different then definitely check this one out!