Zodiac N Black – The Aftermyth, by Ben Spencer

Bass: Hank
Drums: Luca
Guitars :Jim
Vocals: Jad
1. Bastinado.
2. A Necessary Evil.
3. Only The Lonely.
4. The Joke Is On Us.
5. Better Off Dead.
6. Seems Like Better Times.
7. Who’s The Fool (Part One).
8. Bad Pills.
9. Making An Enemy.
10. Lights On Blues.

Having been pleasantly surprised their recent three track EP and catching wind of a full length album on the horizon; I was all for giving The Aftermyth a spin. The London boys are back to dish out much of what has been found before, as well as a little something extra for you all.

Kick starting with ‘Bastinado’ the band waste no time in delivering the goods. With catchy choruses, crystal clear bass grooves and a drumming section that will get fans clapping along at live shows, these guys should have no problem filling floors and swaying crowds.

The slow riff intro of ‘A Necessary Evil’ turns things down, but not for long. A punchy bass guitar takes the lead, this powerhouse of a song charges forward before dispersing into a blues guitar solo meandering its way in flawlessly.

The duration of this record follows a similar format but without getting repetitive. There are many moments of true craftsmanship: from the ever-enticing smoothness of ‘Only the Lonely’ to hard rocking ferocity of ‘Seems like Better Times’.
But there are certainly moments towards the later part of the record that really shine. The gentle led vocals of ‘Who’s the fool (part 1)’ sway back and forth in sensual grandeur.

Polishing of the record is the jaw dropping, immeasurable ‘Lights on blues’, a ten minute long journey which feels like an album within itself. Opening with a tribal drumming with guitars slanting back and forth, there is something of an expectation to be had here. And needless to say the guys surpass it. Slow, weighty and atmospheric there isn’t a single note that feels out of place in the composition of this anthem. The last two minutes race ahead with galloping riffs, thunderous drums and an overwhelmed sense of achievement.

In all, Zodiac N Black are a much needed refreshment there really isn’t any filler in this well worth the wait record. They appear to have struck the right balance between solid song writing and experimentation, that doesn’t fall victim to becoming over indulgent. Fans will rejoice and newbie’s will kick themselves for not discovering them sooner.