Dynamo Hum, Review from the Unsigned Stage

Cast your mind back to the 1970’s. Yes, yes it’s 2012, but play along will you? (And for those who weren’t born then – it’s imagination time children)

This was a time when a lot of today’s major artists cut their teeth (or at least were teething) creating straight-up rock n roll with a bluesy underbelly. This is where Dynamo Hum belong. Does that mean they’re dated? Only if you think rock should hang up its battered boots and go pick itself out a nice plot. In which case, what are you doing here?

Now that’s sorted out – the fact that they’ve named themselves after a Frank Zappa song tells you what you need to about their own likes, so it won’t surprise you to hear that Dynamo Hum also sound like regulars at the Led Zeppelin altar. In fact comparisons to the latter are made all the easier by the high-flying vocal style of Matthew Carter, and nifty guitars of Benjamin Johnson.
Dynamo Hum 2
Stepping through the door with the easy swag of a cocksure cowboy, ‘Sorry Voltaire’ oozes sexy groove that will make girls roll their hips and boys reach for their shades. It’s a hard one to top, but ‘You Wanted It All’ has a keen edge to its high-ranging vocals that just pips it by managing to combine fist-pumping rhythm with lyrics that feel more emotionally personal. It makes you wonder whether to bang your head or sway your arms – perhaps you should just settle for waving all extremities because live you’re going to want to get involved.

What makes Dynamo Hum work is that they manage to retain that early spark without sounding contrived – the band has a loose but connected sense about them that makes you feel like you can pick up individual threads but will always find they lead back to one centre;
And that’s a sign of talent – regardless of what decade it is!