A Pale Horse Named Death @ London Borderline

Review by by Danny Draper, 27th Jan 2012

Photography by Michelle Murphy

The sultry and sonically beautiful melodies of A Pale Horse Named Death bring the crowd cheering and head banging their heads in unison as “To Die In Your Arms” opens up tonights set.

The singing is excellent tonight and you can hardly fault the depth and breadth of Sal’s vocals, its great when you hear a band live that sound as good as the record.

A pale 2
The sound is impeccable to boot, especially when “Devil in The Closet” rouses the crowd in a seriously great song that is not only heavy but written with great scope of melody. Briefly after “When Crows Descend Upon You” Sal affectionately informs us that he’s so amazed with the reception the band are getting, that he would like to fuck us all! What a lovely chap!

The set continues with “Herion Train” and “Meet the Wolf” that are another two great tracks of this bands debut “And Hell Followed With”, a must buy for people who like brilliant music regardless of genre.

A Pale Horse Named Death
A Pale Horse Named Death

They close the set with the anthemic “As Black as my Heart” followed by “Serial Killer” and the track that he says he ‘Dedicates to Peter every night’ “Die Alone” which is met by an array of horns in the air and some of the loudest cheers of the night.

A Pale Horse Named Death
A Pale Horse Named Death

A Pale Horse Named Death are relatively new, in terms of records but they have been brewing for a few years.
Hearing that Peter Steele may have at one point been in line to front the band when Sal began forming the initial idea for the band, is another amazing story that you hear. But while Pete rests and Sal soldiers on with this incredible band, we still have the music and hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more from APHND in the not too distant future.

A Pale Horse Named Death
A Pale Horse Named Death

Rating: 5/5 Gig!

To Die In Your Arms
Devil In The Closet
When Crows Descend Upon You
Heroin Train
Meet The Wolf
As Black As My Heart
Pill Head
Cracks in the Walls
Serial Killer
Die Alone
Bath In My Blood (Schizophrenia In Me)