Pretty Addicted Interview by Ben Spencer

Pretty Addicted Interview by Ben Spencer

Photography by Jo Blackened

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They may be in the early stages of their career but make no mistake, Gothic Industrial band Pretty Addicted are making some serious waves on the club scene, from clubbers and DJ’s alike.

We managed to meet up with the two members Vicious Precious & Raven to find out what lies ahead…

You guys are still in the early stages of your musical career, having formed in only 2011, could you tell me how you guys first met and formed?

Raven: (leans back in his chair) We met at a club called Slimelight. Vicious was in another band at the time and they asked would anyone be up for re-mixing one of our tracks.

Vicious: …and I asked; do you want to start up a new band?, as my old band mates weren’t taking it very seriously and he liked what I had done and I liked what he did with it, so we decided to start the band fresh.

Where did the names ‘Vicious Precious’ and ‘Raven’ come from?

Vicious: Well the name Vicious Precious I was given when I was 17 by a band who had a song of the same name, they said I reminded them of Vicious in bed, Precious in life!

Raven: I was just given the name Raven and I started dying my hair jet black and that was about it.

Your Facebook page says that you’ve been building a fan base and that you are popular amongst clubbers? Do your songs get played in clubs at the moment? If so how does it feel to having people dancing to your music?

Vicious: I’ve actually given one of the Slimelight DJ’s all of our tracks and they are saying they want to play our music at the club. A lot of clubbers at Slimelight are saying they want to get hold of our tracks, so we’re going to look into finding a way to download everything, but definitely among the people that go the clubs, that’s where everyone is getting to know us.
Which clubs in particular would you most like your songs played?

Raven: Definitely Club Anti-Christ.

Vicious: We’re talking with Dominic from Anti-Christ about performing there later this year, mainly because so many different types of people go and a big number of people, and maybe places like Electric Ballroom and bigger venues like that!
Raven, could you elaborate on the music programming side of things, what sort of instrumentation goes into the music on your behalf?

Raven: We recently done a tune with guitars on there but just been using logic, pro and various different BST’s. We also did a tune the other day which had a load of orgasm noise.

Vicious: …and plenty of samples as well.

Raven: It’s all pretty experimental at first and then we build our ideas from there.

Also, a question for Vicious; Your vocals are described as having a variety of soft and harsh pitches, could you tell me when and where you first learnt to sing?

Vicious: As a child I went to a performing arts school when I was two-years-old and I was always singing. I was singing at a choir during my school years. I’ve been in and out of bands since the age of 18 where I’ve always sung, i’ve never had any professional training, on a one on one basis, but it all comes naturally.

With this in mind, could you tell us a bit about more about the recording process; what comes first, music or vocals?

Vicious (pauses) It varies. Sometimes I write the lyrics first and Raven builds the music around it and sometimes it works the other way around.

Raven: Yeah, I pick a theme and work around it from there, so it’s a bit of both.

Could you elaborate upon your lyrical themes?

Vicious: Filth would be the word: sex drugs and Industrial pretty much. (both laugh).
Music is pretty dark at the moment, so I like to think our music brightens people’s days or makes them think about something a bit dirty, kinky or fetish orientated.

Do you have any recordings that are available to fans?

Vicious: Not at the moment! We’re working on our first EP, and when were completely happy with how it sounds, we’ll put it out there!

Raven: We’ll probably get it out on iTunes to begin with and depending on how that goes get some merchandise going.

If you guys were to play live, would you have additional members playing on stage to your songs or would you keep it as just the two of you?

Vicious: We did discuss that and we decided against it. We were going to get a drummer and guitarist at one point and then we realised that we do all the hard work and it should really just be us.

Raven: We’re thinking of including some dancers to help make it more theatrical live.

Do you have any plans to play any gigs or even clubs at any time in the near future?

Vicious: Yes this year, absolutely!
As soon as we are done with this EP by the summer we are going to go from there, like start off in an area like Camden, London.

Raven: It would be good to get out to Europe, an area like Germany as I think we’ll go down well out there.

Vicious: Yeah there have been discussions on playing with a band in Germany, so yeah the option is there.

Your music has been described as “The porn in music form, that the scene needs!”.
Could you name any particular artists or bands that have influenced your sound? And who do you draw inspiration from?

Vicious: (pauses to think) Lyrically stuff like Combichrist, Misconstruction, Manson.
I think our music is different, when we put our music on Reverb Nation they asked us ‘Tell us what your music sounds like and we’ll connect you with people who sound similar’ and I couldn’t actually think of anything so I think that’s good in a way, but Combichrist are an example of an Industrial band that became really famous singing about filth, so I guess lyrically we are similar.

Raven: And I’d say a lot of hard dance music.

Since you guys formed a year ago, how far do you feel you’ve come, what has been the greatest achievement or compliment you have received so far?

Vicious: Well someone once told me that every time they hear Nine Inch Nails ‘Closer’ they think I should be singing it, which is a big compliment (smiles and both members nod in agreement)

Raven: I received quite a lot of good feedback from a variety of people.
I’ve got a lot of friends who are into the rave scene, which isn’t as dark as what we do, but they’re really liking it and sharing it online. When we put our first tune up we started getting a lot of compliments from there.

Vicious: …and in regard to how far we’ve come I think there is a lot of understanding between us in what we do. In the beginning it was an experiment like “let’s fuck with this and see where it goes” but now there’s a structure within the band we both do different things and we respect what each other do.
We have roles to play and it sounds like Pretty Addicted every time.

Where would you guys like to be a year from now?

Vicious: I would like to play really good gigs, just making people feel good live and with the dancers we plan to make it theatrical live and we don’t want to look like everyone else. So I think playing live is our niche!

Raven: Just being able to put on a live show that people will enjoy.

Given the fact that Industrial music has been an international success, anywhere from Sweden to San Francisco, if there was any destination/ country you could take your music too, where would it be and why?

Raven: America!! (both members agree on) It’s huge out there and everything is massive!

Vicious: Hollywood! (Laughs) Anywhere where there is a lot of people in the Goth/Industrial scene that can hear our music and appreciate it!

Thanks for your time today guys! Is there anything else you’d like to add or say to our readers?

Raven/Vicious: “Love us!!!” (Both Laugh)

With the impressions their music has stamped upon London’s Gothic Industrial scene at the moment, they may just might well be!


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