Vildhjarta, Interview, by James Price

Interview, with Vildhjarta Guitarist, Calle Thomér.

The Swedish Progressive Metal band ‘Vildhjarta’ were at the Underworld playing support for ‘Veil Of Maya’ (along with 3 other bands). Just before they played their set, Calle Thomér one of the bands Guitarists was kind enough to spare a bit of time to give us an interview for the Independent Voice Ezine.

James Price: Hello Thank you for speaking with us today!

Calle Thomér: Yeah Thanks for interviewing me!

J.P: Is this the first time you have toured in the U.K?

C.T: Yeah,This is our very first tour as well. U.K has been great so far, I think we have about a third of our fanbase here actually.


C.T: Yeah according to Facebook statistics and stuff.
Vildhjarta 2
J.P: Where abouts are the other two thirds of your fanbase?

C.T: The main one is in America, then we have the U.K then maybe Sweden.

J.P: So you have never toured at all before tonight, Never played live anywhere?

C.T: Well the most we have ever played is 3 shows in a row, we played 2 shows in Russia and then 1 in India. Before the tour we have played maybe 14 or 15 shows in total, so we are not really used to this live thing yet.

J.P: Your music iss of course very technical, Can you play the songs in the same manner live as on record? Or do you play them slightly differently?

C.T: Nah not really, we try to play them much the same as the CD, but it can be pretty hard to play live sometimes, you can get these Mind fucks and forget the right note and stuff, but we are getting there!

J.P: Of course the way you made your first album (Måsstaden out now on Century Media Records) Was pretty different to how most bands do it, You were not in a studio ,you were Emailing different bits of songs to each other.

C.T: Yeah it was all recorded in my apartment actually,

J.P: On A computer?

C.T: Yeah,like the first half of the CD was recorded on a computer, like actually made out of cardboard…

J.P: Really!? [laughs]

C.T: Yeah like a pizza box with a fan on it, and then Daniel brought a new one when we got a record deal, and some better software and stuff.

J.P: Because you wrote the songs in quite a disjointed manner, did it make it hard to visualise in your minds how the final product would sound?

C.T: Basically for the CD Daniel wrote 99% of it, the other guitarist Daniel Bergström, so he mostly wrote parts and riffs and he was sending them around to us so we could give him feedback and ideas and give him some of our riffs as well. It was a long process, but it went good I think.
Vildhjarta 3
J.P: You have a very rabid fan base even before you had really even released any material, why so much interest so early?

C.T: Not to brag, but I think we provide something really different in this whole djent scene. It is really hard to stand out now, as there are so many new bands. You know nowadays all you need is a computer and a guitar. Tough market.

J.P: So Daniel Bergström wrote most of the music, was he also responsible for the lyric writing?

C.T: Er no the lyrics were made by another Daniel! Daniel Ädel, the singer. He wrote all the lyrics, i’,m trying to start writing lyrics as well, but I’m not at the same level as Daniel!

J.P: Have any of the members of the band played in different groups together before ‘Vildhjarta’ was put together?

C.T: The band started in 2005. I guess I joined after their first live show in 2009, I actually did their lights on their first live show!

J.P: It must be exciting then to now be part of the band?!

C.T: Yeah! I got a pretty good promotion! From lights to guitar!

J.P: And now you are touring around the world. Do you think you will go to America?

C.T: Actually we have just confirmed a tour in America!

J.P: Headliners?

C.T: No, no it is like a festival kind of thing ,Like with Fear Factory,Voivod, Misery Index,l ike a ten band bill, That’s in July. So we will have 5 weeks off after this tour and then go to America, then in October we will probably come back to tour Europe again!

J.P: You have had one E.P out and an album out so far. The album is of course a concept about a town.
Is this a real town or a fictional one?

C.T: No it is fictional, like a fable. It is like a fairy tale, like the booklet and the lyrics it is just like a storybook.

J.P: Do you think the next album will carry on this theme?

C.T: It will be a concept album for sure! We don’t know what about, but all of our albums will be concept albums. It’s a lot more fun, than just creating random songs that are then put together.

J.P: I assume then you would prefer people to listen to the album in one sitting , rather than just 1 song at a time?

C.T: Yeah it is better to listen to it in one go.

J.P: Are you currently writing new material? Do you write whilst on tour?

C.T: We are writing, but never when we are touring. We just feel so comfortable recording with our own computers that is how we prefer to do it.

J.P: Your Debut album was released on Century Media records, Have you got a deal to release more records with these guys?

C.T: Yeah Our next will be on CM, I don’t know if I can reveal how many albums we have signed for, but yeah the next one will come out on CM. We were thinking about releasing our debut ourselves at first, but then we realised we didn’t have the money for it and we needed a real deadline, because this record took like 4 or 5 years to write. We needed a real deadline from a record label to finish it. We probably wouldn’t have this album out right now, if we went for a self release.

J.P: They gave you the motivation to get it done…

C.T: And the Money!!
Vildhjarta 4
J.P: Do they pay you to go on tour? [Laughs]

C.T: Not really…I Think the driver is earning more cash than we do! [Laughs]

J.P: Well Thank you very much for speaking with us, is there anything else you would like to add?


Photography Jo Blackened