Make Up Artist Feature, by Jo Blackened

Mary Braxton – MUA

Mary’s real name is Mamita Nzumba, but she is best known by the name of Mary Braxton.
She was born in the Congo Kinshasa and moved to France in Paris at the age of 5 years old, where she attended my primary school, high school and college.
Some years later, she moved to London to continue her education and improve on her English language and it was only then she started developing a very strong interest within the beauty industry.

After 1 year of studying the English language, she went on to study an NVQ in Beauty and Make up at Bromley College and graduated in 2003.
Since then she has worked for various Beauty agencies, as Beauty Consultant and Make- up Artist for Channel, Créme de la Mer, Stila, Givenchy and l’Oreal, just to name afew!

After few years of working in the beauty industry for various companies, she decided to take a break from work and pursuit her education once again, this time at Greenwich University.

In 2010, she graduated with a BA in Human Resource Management, but after 6 months of job hunting, she returned doing what she loves the best; Make up!
This time working for her own account as Freelance Make Up artist at Freshlook Makeup.

Mary works mainly within the areas of bridal, photographic, runway and other special occasion make-up. She has an extensive experience of photographic and wedding make-up in which she specialises.
She is happy working as mobile, travelling to clients’ homes, venue or any location in the UK and has travelled around Europe such as France, Belguim and Spain.

She has had clients such as, Papy Photo, Tosin Kolajo ( and has also worked for various models and some African TV presenters and recently has teamed up with myself at Altercarnated Photography:

Her dream is one day, to have her own make-up and skin care line (Freshlook Makeup) and be very successful like BlackUp Cosmetic, Iman, Mac just to name few of them.
She would like to start using her own products on her clients instead of using others brands on them and to be able to sell her products to her clients the same time.

Her role model who she looks up to, as a very successful business women and who has encouraged her the most to start my own cosmetics line is; Kimora Lee Simmons.
She states: ‘The reason I look up to her is because she’s a fighter, a successful business woman, a mum and wife, and I want to be just like her, maybe not to have everything she has, but to follow the way she did it.
For me to get from where I am now to where I want to be, I already knew what I wanted, because I believe that there is a number of reason people fail to get what they want in their life is that they do not know what they really want.
They do not know what they really want to achieve in their life.
You must first find out what you really want to accomplish before you can start your journey to success. Once you know what you want, then you would know how to get there’.
Mary IV.2
Mary has set a clear goal so that she can focus in her direction of where she is heading, in her life and she believes that ‘Mary Braxton (Freshlook Makeup)’ is heading to the Top!
She states: I have already created my strategy plan on how I am going to achieve my goals, as I am taking actions in order to achieve them. I am not expecting money to fall from the sky or success to come to me automatically but if don’t get what I want then I might change my strategies plan if I don’t get those results I want, every month I do review my strategies plan to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

I am single with no kids but I would like to get married one day and have children, I want to always be happy with my job, to have stability and pride in my work by doing what I love the best and never get tired of it, moreover I want to be a very good role model for my children as well as for all the young women out there who want to follow their dreams within beauty industry. But above all, I want to dedicate more of my free time in the ministries work, because my God Jehovah has done so much for me and it’s only normal that I also offer my times to help others to know the truth.

After working with Mary it is clear she is a very hardworking woman and always gives hundred percent efforts in everything she undertakes.

She states: I do not take ‘No’ for an answer. I have been turned down too many times in my life but this does not stop me from working hard, as I believe that on the road of life, “No” is not a dead end. It’s a detour. By that, I mean this: when one person turns you down, you don’t have to stop trying.

You have not reached the end of the road. Rather, you just need to reassess the situation, look at your map, and find another route that will take you to the same place.
I see myself as a highly gifted, talented and creative Makeup Artist with more than 6 years’ experience as a make-up artist in interpreting the make-up requirements of clients and to produce both a creative and technically accurate visual representation; ensuring that bridals, models, presenters and others have suitable make-up before they appear in front of the cameras or an audience.

The thing I hate the most is people who’s always trying to look down on others people and thinking they are the best. I am who I am, and only my God Jehovah can judge me.
I love people who gossip about me and the way I do my make-up and my hair, because they only advertise my work to everyone without them knowing it.
I don’t care about what people who don’t like me think of me, but all I can say is for them to mind their own business, when they spend their times gossiping about me I spend my time giving them more reason to continue and the saddest thing about this is that; I totally ignore them and I will never spend my time gossiping about them because TIME IS MONEY.
Mary IV.3
I believe in myself and I see this as my strength but again my personal strengths and weakness varies. I find that my perfectionist attitude is not only my strengths but also one of my weaknesses, actually a very big weakness at time.
What I have had to learn to accept is failure;. I had a very hard time with that as a teenager. I tend to be very hard on others and myself when it involves things are not perfectly done.
One of my other strengths is loyalty. Sometimes I am so loyal that it becomes a weakness. For example any and every person that knows me knows that they can always call on me at the last minute and I will do to the best of my capability to help them (my friends knows that they can always count on me).
Well this situation gets me stretched out so much that most of the times I forget to check after myself just to be sure that everything is done in order.
Furthermore another weakness that I have is sometimes having a hard time admitting when I am wrong, I have grown over the past few years to understand that it is ok to admit when you are wrong or when you have made a mistake.

When I am not working, I love reading, travelling, learning new things and shopping!

Mary is an absolute pleasure to work with and she works according to her clients needs, always striving for perfection to get them looking how they’ve always imagined they should; Beautiful, fresh and feeling very special.

Make up is Mary’s Passion and she is not ready to give up now!

If you would like to book a shoot with Myself & Mary, you can contact
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Or for any Make Up Needs Mary on: 07930222037

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