The Defiled/Black Spiders/Therapy?/Skindred @ O2 Academy Brixton

Jägermeister Music Tour 2012
The Defiled/Black Spiders/Therapy?/Skindred
Review and Photography by Sabrina Dersel
How to party on Friday the 13th? Well it’s easy! Get yourself down to the 5000 people capacity of the Brixton Academy in London, get in for a fiver, have Jager shots for two pounds each and party hard on great music!
Skindred headlines this year’s edition of the Jägermeister Music Tour! Supported by The Defiled , Black Spiders, and Therapy?

Black Spiders
Black Spiders

The Jägermeister Music Tour is a Hard Rock, Hardcore Punk, and Heavy Metal Music Tour, that has been held twice a year in the United States since 2002.

Black Spiders
Black Spiders

It is owned by the American importer of Jägermeister, Sidney Frank Importing.
This UK tour has taken the bands to Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle, Brixton and Bristol.

As usual I missed, AGAIN The Defiled set! Grrrrr…So I will start with Black Spiders…

Black Spiders
Black Spiders

Their music is fast paced and energetic, drawing upon bands such as Black Sabbath, Motörhead , AC/DC to name a few. Fans of kick ass rock n’ roll, punk as fuckness and classic rifflording will be at ease.

Black Spiders, originally put together to celebrate the passing of a friend, has been tearing up some classic rock n’ roll tunes in his honour. They have been doing great with the press and public.
They gained early positive reviews in the rock press, with Kerrang! and Classic Rock featuring them on their ‘Introducing’ and ‘High Hopes’ sections.

The Sheffield five piece band consists of Pete ‘Spider’ Spiby (vocals and guitar), Ozzy ‘Owl’ Lister (guitar) Mark ‘Dark Shark’ Thomas (guitar) Tiger Si (drums) and Adam ‘the Fox’ Irwin (bass).

The band’s debut album “Sons of the North” was released on February 7th 2011.


One of the first impression is directed to the drummer Tiger Si:what a showman,he s having the time of his life behind his drums, he can t stop yelling and laughing. He is very expressive and energetic!
The rest of them can’t help but looking pretty tamed compare to this energy bowl!

Singer Pete ‘Spider’ asks the crowd to yell back at his own band “Fuck You Black Spiders”…is this self motivation? I don t know but the soon to be full capacity crowd doesn’t t hesitate to take part in the game.

He even asks the crowd to take out their video camera phone and film a song and then send it to the band via an email they ll put online on their website. The best ones will be selected to be incorporated in their next video.


The 4th song “Just like a woman should” dedicated to all the women in the audience.They group around the drummer towards the end of the set giving great photo opportunities, those guys know how to look like on stage.


The last song is introduced by a “Hell Yeah Brixton ,are you going to enjoy Therapy? And skindred?” Of course we will, maybe more than this set!

We are asked to rock out on the last song “Blood Of The Kings” but it seems like the audience has reached their patience limits.

They definitely are good musicians with lots of energy but I can t stop feeling this whole thing seems a bit fake or pushed too much.

Intro (from The Good The Bad and Ugly)
Stay Down
(Black Tie)
KISS Tried to Kill Me
Just Like a Woman
Blood of the Kings

Seventeen years ago, at the exact same place, people attending Therapy?’s gig got lock up in the venue because of riots outside. Fortunately nothing like this is happening today and the Northern Irish trio takes the stage and starts the riffs of “Teethgrinder”. They look very polished and clean with their black suits, white shirts and black ties!


Very fast, fans start crowd surfing and get escorted away by the security. Their sound isn’t heavy but the crowd can’t get enough of their legendary band.

Therapy? was formed in 1989 by guitarist–vocalist Andy Cairns from Ballyclare and drummer-vocalist Fyfe Ewing, and Larne bassist Michael McKeegan. They came to attention in the early 1990s rise of alternative rock, but have endured for two decades since. They are best know for their album “Troublegum”, although now vanished from the charts and wide media attention, Therapy? continue to release material, gaining enough attention to enable them to tour and entertain a loyal following.

Following the addition of Neil Cooper on drums, the band has enjoyed a stable line-up since 2004 and to this day they have sold over two million albums worldwide.

The Joy Division cover “Isolation” song is a good surprise, and the next song “Exile” is dedicated to the secluded people in Northern Ireland.


Then finally a song I really like from them, the track “Nowhere” which did make it past the French shores. This is the Therapy? band I know and I can relate too and to finish in style, the famous “Screamager” song closes the set, the whole attendance is singing the lyrics known by heart, what a beautiful end!

Ghost Trio
Before You, With You, After You
Die Laughing
(Joy Division cover)
Get Your Dead Hand Off My Shoulder
Living In The Shadow Of A Terrible Thing

The venue has now reached its full capacity and Skindred are about to come on stage.

Lights off, AC/DC “Thunderstruck” is coming out of the speakers, immediately followed by The “Imperial March” Star Wars theme! The ragga metal kings are in the house!

Singer Benji Webbe is wearing a white suits with Geat Bristish flag boots, as well as big pimp sunglasses.
The Welsh band is also composed of guitarist Mikey Demus , bassist Dan Pugsley , ‘Dirty Arya’ Goggin on drums and Sam Gill. They all came together in 1998. Skindred’s musical style mixes alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock and reggae. The band also integrate elements of dancehall, jungle, hardcore, ska, hip hop, drum and bass, dubstep and various other influences into their music.

Benji really knows how to work a crowd, he really enjoys talking to his audience, insisting on putting on a show about unity. Their music is a celebration of life and music.

Sadly I am only able to stay the three first songs and once I am finished with taking the photos I have to leave the venue! I haven t even had time to hear my and many other people ‘s live favourites ‘Nobody’, ‘Pressure’ and ‘Selector’.

I later read on their website that “following the band’s sold out show at Brixton academy Skindred are pleased to announce that they will be performing at this year’s Hard Rock Calling Festival at London’s Hyde Park where they will line up alongside the likes of Sound Garden & Iggy Pop.

I will definitely be there!

Roots Rock Riot
Cut Dem
Stand for Something
World Domination
Doom Riff
Destroy The Dancefloor
(Snippet of Back in Black)
(Single Ladies) (Put a Ring On It)
The Fear
(Rudeboy For Life outro)
Game Over
(snippet of Reign in Blood)

(Duality Remix)