XII Boar, by Dj Rex

This is a band I’ve had the pleasure to put shows on for a number of times.

Now, a lot of people have heard of the genre stoner rock, but XII Boar could easily be defined as stoner metal, still keeping that strong stoner edge, but this is more likely to drive a musical fist down your throat, rip out your insides and make you throw your hair around in an uncontrollable fashion.

The sound is as loud as it is brash, but at the same time classy and smooth, but it’s not just the sound, their performances are equally as slick to, they might only be a 3 piece, but a 3 piece with a huge sound, plus they are as tight as a …… (insert metaphor here).
xiiboar index_clip_image006_0003
Many a pro signed band wish to be this tight and well polished, they also have enough energy in their performance to put anyone to shame. XII Boar are a band who should be seen and heard one day at some of the words biggest festivals.
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