Emilie Autumn at The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London

Emilie Autumn
Review & Photography by Jo Blackened
Altercarnated Photography

It was no surprise that arriving afew hours early in Camden, there was already a large queue of Emilie Autumn fans eagerly queuing up outside, aguishly awaiting for the doors to open!

I have to admit that I don’t know too much about Emilie Autumn and this will be my first time seeing her live tonight.I do have afew of her albums at home and I know how passionately she sings which reflects in her lyrics, so I knew this wouldn’t be just a regular gig tonight.

When the doors finally opened, the rush of over-the-top dressed fans pull out their tickets, with corsets, top hats & stripy socks everywhere.

EmilieAutumn 1
The stage was filled with props, from skulls to tea-cups and although the show started slightly late with no support band, the cheers from the crowds kept everyone’s energy charged.

Finally, the lights go down and the music starts, with a light behind a large clock showing the outline of a woman dancing behind it. Two of Emilies dancers emerge to the front of the stage, jolting in a scary manner until finally Emilie shows her silhouette, to the extremely happy crowd.

EmilieAutumn 2
She kicks off with the song 4 o’ Clock whilst wearing an amazing mask covering her face, she certainly knows how to make an impressive entrance.

She introduces the rest of the dancers, who are not shy in taking some stage time.
Her performance is funny, amusing and also very powerful, going through the struggles of her past and not afraid to put her feeling and experiences into her songs.

There are moments where the energy is so powerful I literally got goosebumps throughout my body!

Sitting in a wheelchair she sings and screams out her lyrics, standing up and projecting herself so strongly this is starting to feel more like a theatrical stage experience, rather than a gig.

The show soon takes another turn with one of the dancers taking centre stage and flirting with the audience, which everyone seems to love and enjoy! It is then stated that she would like to corrupt one of the girls in the audience, as long as she is over 18 and has never kissed a girl before! With so many eager hands in the air, one girl is chosen and is dragged on stage by the bouncers and after a 7 minute build up there is finally a kiss…which followed with the crowd’s approval and cheers.

EmilieAutumn 3
Emilie herself is amazing on stage and she has chosen some strong women to support her, all of whom have their own style and unique image, which follows the Victorian style aswell as including a beautiful burlesque performance. There are many twists and turns in her shows, not to mention the many amazing costume changes too!

Despite there not being any support bands tonight, I have to say they were not missed and Emilie Autumn certainly has the stage presence to keep everyone happy and entertained for the whole night and even brought on a cake tray with the girls licking the cupcakes and throwing them into the crowd, aswell as glitter bursting into the crowd after her songs!
EmilieAutumn 5
Towards the end Emilie Autumn came on stage to thank everyone who has supported her and she genuinely looked chocked up at the love she received from this sell-out show! It is obvious Emilie Autumn has gone through a lot in her past, but isn’t afraid to hide from it, but is happy to embrace it and let her experiences make her a stronger person, which clearly shows in her performances.

I was actually disappointed when the gig…or should I say show, had finished. With so much going on it was hard to believe the time but this is one performer who needs her own theatrical show and shocked me into seeing just how much presence one person can hold.

EmilieAutumn 6
I am so happy I saw her perform tonight and I know this is one show I will never forget. If you have never seen Emilie live, then you really must. Truly amazing!

EmilieAutumn 7
4 o’ Clock
Dr Stockhill (Spoken)
Fight like a girl
Time for Tea
The Art of Suicide
Take The Pill
How to Break a Heart (Poem)
God Help Me
Dominant (Instrumental)
Girls, Girls, Girls
(The Rat Game)
Gears (Interlude)
We Want Them Young
One Foot
Thank God I’m Pretty