Arctic Plateau – The Enemy Inside by Jo Blackened

Band line-up:
Gianluca Divirgilio
(Vocals, Guitars)
Fabio Fraschini (Bass)
Massimiliano Chiapperi (Drums)

Album Tracklisting:
1. Music’s Like
2. Bambini Piangete
3. Idiot Adult
4. Abuse
5. Catartic Cartoons
6. The Enemy Inside
7. Melancholy is Not Only for Soldiers
8. Loss and Love
9. Big Fake Brother
10. Wrong
11. Trentasette

Arctic Plateau is a Post Rock/Shoegaze/Indie solo by project by Italian based Gianluca Divirgilio.

From the very first track I was really impressed with Gianluca’s soft voice and the fact he write all the music and lyrics is just astounding.

This is a beautiful experimental album, with haunting vocals, which just makes you instantly stop what you are doing and slow down and want to disappear.
This is an album that needs to be heard, preferable whilst sitting in a comfortable chair so you can let the music absorb you, as this is such a soft and reflecting album and one that I instantly fell in love with.

All the songs are unique and have something special about them, with some tracks having more of a chilling feel and some tracks slightly darker, but the entire album has an amazing feel and atmosphere hich carries throughout to the end.

Although this is not a ‘metal’ album, there are some aggressive dark metal vocals throughout, but on a whole this is just a simply wonderful album which reminded me very much of Katatonia, and Anathema and an album which fans of all ages will appreciate!

Absolutely amazing album and definitely one to check out!