Lord of the Lost – Beside & Beyond [EP] by Ashley Charles Blackblood

Band line-up:
Chris Harms: Vocals, Guitar, Cello
Bo Six: Guitar
Class Grenayde: Bass
Gared Dirge: Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion, Guitar
Disco: Drums

1. Beyond Beautiful
2. Bad Romance
3. Dry The Rain (Acoustic Version)
4. October 29
5. Love Is Not Enough (Piano Version)
6. Sooner Or Later (Stage Version)
7. Dry The Rain (Orchestra Version feat. MONO INC.)

Hamburg-based Glam-Goth-Rockers LORD OF THE LOST gave their existing fans a new EP last march in the form of “Beside & Beyond” The EP contains a Mansonic cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”…I’m actually all for covering “Out there” (pop) tracks, I mean why not! -at least If you can improve on it (ROCK IT OUT), and these guys have indeed swung it.

With Stompy industrial chuggery and a suitably gothic presence delivered by singer Chris “The Lord” Harms (ex-band The Pleasures) the track is made not least bearable.
Six additional tracks that have “long been requested by their following” have also been added, among them is a previously unreleased recording of “Sooner Or Later” and a theatrified version of “Dry The Rain”.

The release is certainly Layered, and kept from being labelled with the traditional “Goth” tags with the use of some subtle industrial/EBM/electro influences.

Personally I would have preferred them to have injected it with a little more of that “Glam/sleaze” but I would definitely recommend checking them out if you are a fan of either Him/69 Eyes or the like!