Zad, by Dj Rex

Zad are a band I’ve had the pleasure of putting on shows for on a number of occasions and have regularly enjoyed everything they do, it’s rare when involved in running gigs that a band will stand out this much from the crowd, sounding to us like a cross between Rush, Spinal Tap and Primus, with a hint of something that had to come from some kind of psychedelic and rather narcotic inspiration. The band themselves claim their musical influences are a combination of Primus, Rush, Megadeth, Frank Zappa, Chaz and Dave, Mr Bungle and Black Sabbath.
To the casual listener, Zad do manage to seamlessly blend up funk, rock, psychedelia and in places pure comedy, all combined with superb musicianship. Oh, and, they seem to have an unhealthy obsession with washing machines, their name being a famous washing powder spelled in reverse. Here’s that they had to say about the washing powder thing –
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“The band’s name is Literally DAZ backwards. During a brainstorming session over possible band names and future song titles the concept of a washing powder which if used in excessive quantity would not cause the user to hallucinate, but actually cause reality itself to change was derived. It would be the washing powder of a parallel universe.”
Here’s some more waffle from the guys about how they started this amazing journey – “we were formed in the Summer of 2011, when Alan and Marks Funk band broke up. The two had always talked about the possibility of a Project involving Alan’s brother Chris on Drums which would merged psychedelic influences, Funk and more conventional metal to create a new sound which the boys later referred to as Acid Metal (A reference to Venom’s album ‘Black Metal’ or even Turisas’ ‘Battle Metal’).

After Jamming and composing their own tunes the band first took to the Stage in February 2012 and have been leaving audiences asking WTF ever since.”
I personally can very much bare witness that every crowd we’ve put them in front of have had that WTF reaction.

Another thing about Zad, they don’t really write about normal subjects, although what could be described as normal these days anyway? With their inspiration coming from a variety of sources including, a road Kill Badger Mark saw whilst cycling to work one morning, Alan’s views on the State of British trains, unemployment, media ethics and anything else they think is worth commenting on.
We highly recommend you catch this band in a small venue before somebody somewhere signs them up and they start to play the stadium shows they so deserve to be playing.

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