The Creptter Children – Possessed by Victoria Fenbane

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Spookchild/ Green Media/MGM Distribution

Band line-up:
Iballa Chantelle – vocals, guitars
N80R Creptter – guitar, backing vocals, synths programmer


Feel My Pain
I Live
In My Dreams
Love Hurts
Picking On Me
The Bridge


The Creptter Children reside in Perth, Australia a country not commonly associated with goth music but what does reach our shores is generally top notch stuff. The European re-release of debut album ‘Possessed’ is no exception to this rule. The band formed in Melbourne in 2005 and is comprised of song writing and performing duo Iballa Chantelle and N80R.

Upon hearing the opening track ‘Feel My Pain’, immediate influences which come to mind are The Birthday Massacre, Garbage and Hole. The music is dominated by strong female vocals, backed by a punky-synth vibe. The Creptter Children are hitting the more commercial end of the goth scale and have the excellent production quality to back it up too. This opener left me eager to hear what else this band can do….

‘High’ opens with creepy-sexy vocals, busting into a fast paced melodic soung which then alternates with the creepy-sexy. Reminiscent of 90’s tripgoth girl band Switchblade Symphony, merged with The Birthday Massacre, possibly due to the American accented vocals; nothing new here sound wise, but as before a polished professional sound.

‘I Live’ takes us into more industrial territory where Iballa Chantelle gets to demonstrate her vocal skills. After, which are then used to convey yet another change of style, with the dreamy yet rocky punk number ‘In my Dreams’ where synths are layered with screams.

‘Love Hurts’ takes us back to grungy trippy sounds and has a Diva Destruction structure overall. The band list their influences as including Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, The Birthday Massacre, Static X, KMFDM, Cynic and Evanescence however I sounds from the previous decade. Unless this mid-90’s goth/grunge sound is accidental, it could be a case a press release aiming for to a younger audience but older music fans would definitely appreciate the noises these Australians are making too.

‘Picking on Me’ brings out their metal side blending Evanescence with a 90’s grunge sound very successfully before a change of style with the title track ‘Possessed’. Here they draw on their influences most obviously to output high energy industrialnmetal with male/female vocals; some distorted for added industrial feel.

This introduction to The Creptter Children ends with 8th song ‘The Bridge’ which takes us back to the girly, swirly catchy style of theirs which I personally prefer to the industrial shoutiness, because it makes better use of Iballa Chantelle lovely voice.

I definitely recommend keeping an eye out for the upcoming release of the follow up album (which will no doubt be reviewed here) and I imagine it would well be worth catching them live if they reach our shores in person.