Section (3) – Justify The Cross [EP] by Victoria Fenbane

Band line-up:
David Roca (Vocals)
Steve Williams (Guitar)
Chris Wareham (bass,programing,keyboards)

Album Track listing:
1) It’s NotRight
2) Confustion
3) Where Do I Go From Here
4) No way Back

Section (3) are a gothic rock band from North London. Proper gothic rock and unashamedly so.

They formed in 2010 and quickly gained many fans amongst the local scene. The ‘Justify The Cross’ EP was self-released in 2011 and it has been their only release.
This EP busts into your ears with ‘It’s Not Right’.

Strong gothic vocals from Dave Roca and despite being blatant gothic rock (laden with influences from numerous acts from across the history of goth), this song is carried along by an up-tempo catchy melody. An overall a great classic piece of goth rock and a promising introduction to what else this EP has to offer.

Next up is ‘Confusion’ a synthier and darker ditty. Almost Bauhaus-esq vocal style and quite 90’s goth rock musically. Once again a strong catchy melody, lovely bass sound and jangly goth guitars. Emotion laden with variation within the song, which maintain the listener’s attention. Would benefit of better production to clean it up a bit, but that may be the intention.

‘Where Do I Go From Here’ opens with a bass line to make any trad goth tingle. Once again a strong song and distinctly different in style from the previous two, proving that Section (3) are no one trick pony. Strongly 90’s gothic rock again (by now it is getting pretty darn obvious that Section(3) are definitely ‘proper’ gothic rock). Hints of Children on Stun, especially in the instrumental section mid-way through.

Possibly a little too long but that could be due to this reviewers own impatience.
The EP ends with ‘No Way Back’. Even stronger synth this time, and a cabaret vocal style. Not as catchy or up-tempo as the rest of this EP, more of a ballad (a slightly spooky one at that) but demonstrates the variety of styles perfectly.

A nicey varied EP and a good intro to Section 3. I would end this by saying I look forward to hearing more from them but as of writing they are no more. David and Steve have parted ways with Chris due to musical differences. The two remaining members are currently recording a new project, which will hopefully be revealed by the end of the year.