Seether/Heaven’s Basement @ Electric Ballroom

15th November 2012
Review by Anna Dumpe
Photography by Michelle Murphy

On the 15th of November alternative rock legends Seether played at the Elecric Ballroom in London. After gaining massive success in US with their 2002 album Disclaimer, the future for Seether was looking bright. With the following albums like Disclaimer II, Karma and Effect and Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, Seether proved themselves one of the leading post-grunge bands across the world.

Tonight Electric Ballroom is packed with people who either grew up listening to Seether as rebellious and misunderstood teenagers, or people who just truly appreciate the art and the meaning of their music.

The opening band to follow Seether on their UK/European tour is Heaven’s Basement. For those who wonder, these guys have been in the business for a while as members of bands like Hurricane Party and Roadstar. They’ve toured with bands like Buckcherry, Shinedown, Papa Roach and Halestorm, so they’ve seen it all before.

Heavens Basement
Heavens Basement

Tonight they deliver a lively set focusing on songs from their upcoming debut album Filthy Empire. The first single from the album is “Fire, Fire”, which has a great drive to captivate the listener, but tonight the crowd tend to divide in two groups – the ones who go for it and simply enjoy their music and the ones who stand with an awkward smirk and don’t really get what’s going on.

Heavens Basement
Heavens Basement

Musically, it’s nothing new and we’ve all heard bands like this before, but the beauty in keeping it classic will always allow people to relate to this style. It is classic rock’n’roll with a lot of modern elements attracting listeners of different age.
Could this be one of the bands you either love or hate? No one knows, but we’ll be looking forward to see what future brings for these fellas! One thing for sure, they need to work hard developing professionally to be able to win the hearts of future audiences.

Heavens Basement
Heavens Basement

Seether have been going on since 1999 and proved themselves as a bunch of talented guys with a lot to say and an ability to turn that into great songs. Some of their songs have got the right groove, some of them are catchy and some of them are pure post-grunge classics. Although tonight’s show proves that no matter how great your songs are, sometimes it’s just not enough to put on a great live show and leave the audience satisfied.


Everything seems to be going great and as soon as Seether take the stage and open with “No Jesus Christ”, it seems like they’re just warming up and saving the energy for later on. Although, few songs later, the band might have moved the crowd a little bit, but still there’s something missing.

Overall Seether are great musicians and they know how to play their instrument well. Sadly, one of the most important elements of a live show is missing here and that is stage presence. Theoretically, an alternative rock / post-grunge band shouldn’t worry about any specific stage show, but at the same time their performance shouldn’t seem impersonal and boring. The key would be to find the perfect balance between the two and deliver an energetic and lively set.

Even though the band might seem a bit tired, Shaun Morgan’s voice remains spectacular. It’s clear and deep as you’ve heard in on the records and that’s what really pulls it all together.


One of the highlights tonight is “Broken”, as the audience does most of the singing. It’s a classic track that Seether recorded with Amy Lee from Evanescence back in the day when she was in a loving relationship with Shaun Morgan.

Once the energy in the room is up there, Seether throw in a great sing-along anthem “Rise Above This”. Surprisingly, songs from the new album Holding Onto String Better Left to Fray are well received within the crowd and some of them go down as classics. Tracks like “Tonight” and “Here and Now” sound great on the record, as they do when performed live. If only we could ask the band to put a bit more heart and soul into the performance, it would have been excellent.

Seether finish tonight’s show with two of their biggest hits “Fake it” and ”Remedy”. It seems like these two songs are what the audience have been waiting for the whole night. A pleasant surprise is a special announcement that Arya Goggin, the drummer from Skindred, will be joining the band on stage to perform “Remedy’’ with them. It’s a great treat for rock music fans in UK and Arya Goggin brings a lot of energy to the stage with him. The ending of the show is lively and people finally seem to be enjoying themselves, but it’s a shame that it took so long to get there.

Seether would return to the stage to perform “Country Song” as an encore. It’s a great way to finish tonight’s show as “Country Song” is one of the catchiest tunes they’ve ever written and is an absolute crowd pleaser.

No Jesus Christ
Fine Again
Driven Under
Here and Now
Rise Above This
No Resolution
The Gift
Fake It

Country Song